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Morning of great fun but also great in that rain of Montegiorgio (FM). For once, the horses do not run but we run ourselves.

Departure from Controguerra to 7.00. This time, rather rare case, are clearly two cars. Will be the new team jersey controguerrese, but we are nine runners ready to give a hard time in the Marches and not.

The morning is looking good with clear skies but fails as we get closer to the goal and, as has become customary in this part of the summer, no rain is expected with a downpour that hit us, just arrived in Montegiorgio .

All this rain throws me off because this time I went a bit 'carelessly without change "heavy" it anorak. With this state of mind and with the cold in my bones, I now and then, July 5, to participate in this 10Km on a path that looks flat but risererà some little surprise.

The rain seems to give a truce, and it almost seems like the sun peeking but unfortunately it is all still just a hope, and just at the start of the race starts to rain and rain, but not too pushy, will accompany us throughout the race .


The trail is a double tour around the countryside and the village of the Plains of Montegiorgio. Path, as I said almost all plain

although the two falls into the village streets is a long stretch of 2 km with a slight slope but, either for distance or because of the rhythm, do you really feel and, as you see below, my heart, it's almost squirted turns out for almost the entire route.

If we add to this the pain that grips me by the ankle playing soccer last Sunday we can appreciate the great satisfaction for having crossed the line with an average of over 10 Km / h with absolute position of 262 °, of course, far from 18 ° obtained from my neighbor, but it is still an excellent personal performance.

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