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Thanksgiving Day After

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Yesterday I caught your birthday greetings. Today you they let you my thanks for your wonderful collective wishes.

In addition to thanking everyone in general, is a must to thank individually:

  • The Family: Ornella, Benedetta and Philip
  • All colleagues in the Micso and especially Simon, Paul, Pierluigi, Claudio, Vinz, Joseph, John, Norma, Monica, Irina, Stefania, Chiara, Elena
  • Friends bloggers Paul, Dino, Loris, Maury, Lucia, Rudy, Mayhem, Alessia
  • Those of the green cross Giorgio, Mirko, Sabatino, Luca, Massimo, Paolo, Sandro, Stephanie, Melanie (for others please forgive me ... I have not learned your names)
  • The super pumped gym Fashion Gyms Pierpaolo, Simona, Scarlett, Nicolaas, Carlos
  • and, in any order, Piero, Fiorella, Fabio DP, Alexander, Maximilian, Cristian, Raffaella, Pierlorenzo, Stephen, Matthew, Emilia, Massimiliano, Arcadio, Morena, Julian, Annalisa, Christian, Joseph, Diana, Adrian, Antonio, Nando , Marcus DM, Stefania, Valerio, Federico, Massimo, Joachim, Deborah, Roberta, Fabio DA, Paul M, William, Laura, Arianna, Franco, Marco C. Lisette, Nada, Luke, Donato, Tania and the newly arrived Riccardo, who, for one day, has not had the privilege of joining the club of "those born July 21"

You are fantastic. Lovvo you all and I dedicate this video:

Obviously, if I omitted someone, authorizing him to feel credit to me for a coffee and, meanwhile, coached the taste buds with this picture of the table for the party in adobbata Micso


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