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The NIC changes its name

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For those who do not know, the NIC is that person who holds the management of a TLD. Oh my God, Emiliano, but how do you speak?

The TLD or top level domain "is nothing but the top-level domain that is different. Com,. Com,. Org,. Net and so on that you see in the addresses of web pages.

In particular has always operated by the CNR of Pisa, manages to be precise, the registration and maintenance of all domains. Com.

For example, my domain, is present precisely in databases because they have been and must be registered.

But what's the news? The news is that since 20 July the Italian NIC changes its name, graphic, logo and website that becomes

The old domain will be maintained and shifted to the new course but the transition is something important.

Here below the news given by NIC. ... Ops .... by

From Monday 20 July, the registry will have 'a new name, new logo and a new website, renovated in graphics, navigation and content. The site will be 'reached both the traditional address both the new address
The site has the main objective to offer the end user information on the registration and maintenance of the domains. Com, from a general point of view and the "actors" of the recording, Maintainer and record.
There are spaces dedicated to updates to both the maintainer and the Registrar, that the end user (News), in addition to the depth "thematic" (Focus). The new site, wants to be the virtual place for basic orientation, but also to deepen, through sections or related links.

The new site is still active and therefore are not able to give you any pictures on the site nor will the logo. We look forward to July 20.

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