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Make money to afford an afternoon in Cologne Beach

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Yesterday turned the discussion groups the usual chain letter on how to make easy money type

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  • Send mail to n people tell you that now attaches € x
  • also invites them to do the same thing by sending the message to your list

and so on.

Among the "usual" witness who claims to be successful with this method to make a fucking money there is this saying:

I do not know how much money I have earned the fact is that now I have my BBS running on a Pentium II 350 64Mb 8 gig hard drive. I also provided a megavacanza with my girlfriend this summer.

Replied another user today

Of course if your earnings have allowed you to buy a PC that size, I prefer to continue to wake up at 6.30 every morning from Monday to Friday ..
ps .. And if so give me time, I believe that with your girlfriend you can not afford more than an afternoon at the cottage of Cologne Beach ...
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