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Telecom increasingly greedy

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Many people did not believe their luck when, in 2003, was introduced the possibility to activate ADSL on the data cable that is an ADSL on a line where there was no active phone users.

On this line, therefore, no fixed fee was due to Telecom and the only one invoice was the only ADSL service to be provided, inter alia, to an ADSL operator who could obviously not be Telecom.

And when you add the ability of VoIP here that could finally have a phone attached ADSL with paying only the consumption of these services without additional fixed fees.

But, like all the little beautiful things in Italy, this opportunity was short lived. And so it was that, in 2006, after realizing the loss of customers who migrate from ADSL to those on the telephone wire data cable, Telecom managed to push through an unconvincing as absurd fees again on the data cable. Over 10 euros a month as a justified amount for recovery of costs of maintenance of the lines.

A canon that I personally was and am still totally unfair, and I am not alone in his thinking.

But now, in addition to also give the joke. From 15 June 2009 Telecom will increase the rent by more than one euro a month. Here is the letter that announces the increase of the unjust pence.


What to say? There is no threshold for all'ingordigia.

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