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Quip RIP

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Some of you may remember the story of the beginning of the year, told partly in the comments of my post, which saw the main myself and the staff Micso while, in some ways tragic, acquisition Quip and how, in seven days , we have succeeded, practically from scratch, to revive an Internet Service Provider.

The train of that story was that we had left on his back a number of servers that define obsolete was a mere euphemism.

On this server mounted on a rack, continues to run services, websites, mail client and more, during the emergency phase, we were unable to migrate on our server.

But today, we can finally say goodbye to the cupboard rack that was Quip, the last vestige of a time of suffering now history.

As you can see from the photo below


the joy is palpable on the faces of all the men arrived at the bedside of the dinosaur now defunct.

A proper thank-you goes to the national sauce, to Pablo, the Norm, eVinz, Piergrafico and everyone else for being slow to ensuring that all customers Quip can live on machines (and above all operating systems ) Worthy of the name.

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