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Now to enter the bar you need a ticket

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To go to work I usually take the train to Giulianova and parking sea side, I have to go through the underpass to reach the first track.

The other morning, climbing the stairs of the underpass, I realize that there is a large crowd still top of the stairs: a test ticket to the ground by officers of the state railways in relation to travelers arriving by train port from Pescara Teramo.

Moving in the opposite direction to others are completely ignored and then through the dam.

At this point I decide to go to the bar for breakfast but as I try to get a girl stops me and says:

"Tickets please"

I look puzzled and do: "Knowing that I could even show them my ticket, but I'm not coming, if anything I'm leaving."

I was too polite? Maybe the answer would have been:

But you tell me? But you tell me? ... But you tell me? Hey Who are you talking about? Say to me? Eh, No me here. Of ', but with whom do you speak it?

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