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The courts of Google Chrome

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For those who do not know, Google Chrome is the new browser, which is the new program to navigate, the big G.

Google Chrome is posed in a market segment really difficult because they are already sufficiently saturated by the various Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera browsers, just to name a few.

Yet here, too, Google has been able to say his managing to carve out a niche for now little one, thanks for your browser to certain attributes peculiar to the interface very clean and minimalist, its excellent speed at the show so much that the pages seem to have done an upgrade of bandwidth just to mention a couple of "features" of this browser.


In my humble opinion, for now, to weigh the scales on the side of Mozilla Firefox is the only lack of extension, really useful in Firefox, and lack of support for other operating systems besides Windows, even if something seems to move in this side.

Update of 08 June 2009: Computer Point, announced versions for Mac, Linux support for extensions for Google Chrome.

Course around its browser, Google has stitched mother a series of targeted advertising campaigns, including a series of "short" really nice.

There propose here some.

First, a beautiful animation, created with the technique of stop-motion, to show the logo of Chrome that, like the game Breakout, bumping into obstacles at the end playing the browser interface.

With the same technique, using only A4 sheets, you create a wall several animations and banners reading and shows the simplicity of Google Chrome

and finally a video showing the peculiarities of the browser in a visually appealing

All other related videos you can find them in the YouTube channel dedicated to this browser.

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