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I want to have sex with the autopilot

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From an e-mail SPAM arrived in my inbox

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Sex brings more satisfaction. Stress and tension are gone. She was not more sad, now I'm afraid that I will be forced to deny. It is a stunning physical sensation, after which follows the same deep feeling.

The best of you is the safety of the possibility of "flying with autopilot, and relax without the need of the entering into the merits of that fact, that the penis is still in an upright position, even when you are interrupted (the children banging on the door of the bedroom, the dog barks, the condom slips).

When you become aware of, this can also be a great gift for a mate. There is only one advice: do not tell that she takes you: the appreciation of whether 'the same female is also very susceptible.

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Well, but the idea of a trumpet with the autopilot even when you're stopped is interesting. ... We almost do a little thought

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