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Women, but there you have twice the phone?

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Bus, line 38, Pescara, a day like many others.

I am standing. Sitting opposite me, a woman, not so beautiful in their forties.

Extracts from her bag a phone and start typing. Can not read the text of the message:

I'm going home but I do not want for nothing. I miss you so much.

Send the message and puts the phone in your bag

Extracts from the bag to another cell, more recently, with pictures of a child in the display (son?)

Another message:

I'm going home. Today was a tough day at work.

Send the message and, while going to put this other phone in the bag ... beep ... beep; a new message on the first:

Antonio: So do not go away and come back here to me

Menu: delete the message. Menu: Messages sent: deletes the message.

Well, do not know about you, but to me it is hard to imagine their own free day of "work" that has passed.

At this point, the question arises in the title in respect of my readers: How many of you have double the cell and what is it to have two?

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