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Déjà Vu computer

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The life of information is just weird. Spent a lifetime without encountering a given product and then, within 24 hours, you happen the same product and the same problem.

I come from and what I mean. Two days ago I was contacted by an architect, my friend, for a problem installing a printer on a laptop with Windows 7. The problem, in particular, was that he could not install a HP DesignJet 500 plotter on this operating system.


Flash-forward 24 hours. I am called an engineer to a problem installing a printer on an office computer and ... guess what '? Again the same plotter.

Incidentally, paradox of paradoxes, fresh experience of the previous night, reassure the engineer with: "Last night I settled in half an hour, now the caviamo ce in ten minutes." Result: almost an hour of shaking. How to say "never cope without Murphy."

Small simple simple riddle. What enters the cats with deja vu?

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