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CAT 2009, hacker attack

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Perhaps not everyone knows that there is a practice called "wardriving," which consists in going round the city by car, by bike, on foot, searching for networks wirelessly.

The research, carried out, usually with a laptop and assisted by scanning software for networks WiFi and GPS to save the position, has, as an idea, to find access points unprotected or protected with encryption "weak" and recording the position using GPS.

The wardriving can be done for pleasure or for the purpose of publishing on the Internet, the map of access points unprotected or readily usable.

An example of what I just said you can find it in 'experiment conducted by Matthew Flora in October 2007 that, with suitably equipped bicycle that you see below, did a short tour dell'interland Milan, noting data to put it mildly disconcerting.


In terms of legislation, the wardriving is legal as long as there is limited to the detection of these networks. The moment you try to access a computer network, even if the same is not protected, you enter an illegal.

But two characteristics in common wardriving very important but in contrast with each other. If, on the one hand, it requires deep technical knowledge to be gained only sviscerale with a passion for computers and new technologies, the other allows us to abandon our dismal cubicle computer to walk the streets more or breathing air less pure and absorbing a bit 'of solar energy that they say do so well.

And 'why' s Orvieto Linux Users Group in partnership with a group of Freezone is supported by a large group of institutions and associations which have granted their patronage and sponsoring companies, decided to organize a "race informatics" devoted to wardriving, in conjunction with the Italian Conference of the developers of backtrack to be held in Orvieto in the afternoon of Saturday, July 11, 2009. For those who do not know, BackTrack is in fact the most important Linux distribution dedicated to computer security and penetration testing,.

The city of Orvieto, lends itself well to such events because it can easily be turned on foot and also, since the city a natural fortress remained untouched for centuries, it is right that it be thus violated, albeit virtually.

To arrange a game based on wardriving and distributed throughout the municipality, the organizers of this contest have decided to use the philosophy of the treasure hunt better known as the event: "Crack treasure."


The aim of this c (r) acc (i) to the treasury is to find access points, puncture each network and find in them clues to get to the next access point up to the ultimate treasure.

The teams of 2 to 4 representatives, will surely have fun in collecting the clues scattered within these networks, in order to avoid it being groped access to public networks, will have an identifier defined and recognizable.

To make the game even more intriguing, the possibility for teams to forge temporary alliances with other teams, using techniques of social engineering and the possibility, once pierced a network, upgrade the system to close the holes thus preventing the opposing teams.

To make the idea of "weight technology" of people who are supposed to participate in this contest is significant return one of the rules of the race:

It is not allowed to crack systems that are not designated targets, access to distribution boxes ENEL, perform actions of phreaking, and generally be closed to all activities deemed illegal on the Italian territory.

For me too, like Jacopo Belbo, since I discovered it could not be a player, I decided to be at least one intelligent spectator.

Not having then the ability to hack any access point, I will be in Orvieto in the guise of "Intelligent spectator" and as a correspondent for a national news organization in the sector to enable readers who are not fortunate enough to attend this event, to access them too what promises to be the main event geek of the year.

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