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Presentation of Fabrizio Di Bonaventura to provincial

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The cameras were present at the captain of your presentation, at the center of the candidate Controguerra Fabrizio Di Bonaventura to provincial Teramo, in the district Controguerra, Nereto, Sant'Omero.

Present at this evening the Mayor of Controguerra Mauro Giovanni Scarpantoni, the current president of the province Ernino D'Agostino and the PD leader to the province Leandro Di Donato.

Below, the video of the evening

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One Response to "Presentation of Fabrizio Di Bonaventura to provincial"

  • David Moretti writes:

    "The policy of controguerra and politicians"
    Here there is talk of growth, but ... in 30 years of the political left (if you can call it) to Controguerra how and what has grown our country? I am ready to listen to anyone who can tell "one progress" had in the last 30 years.
    PS ... but do not try to say: "we put the lights in the fields!"


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