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For a change, started by the European community, a letter of formal notice to Italy for yet another delay in our state of the European legislation.

The casus belli is, in this case that the NUE 112 hotline number for emergency calls.

It is because while in most European countries, this is the ONLY number to call in emergencies to call regardless of the current situation and then the operator, taking note of the situation, activate the appropriate services and facilities in Italy, although the situation has improved compared to previous years there are still other emergency numbers, not always immediately available to those who are in panic in a crisis situation.

Just to mention for example the number of Carabinieri (112th), rather than the police (113), or the Guardia di Finanza (117), the Forest Rangers (1515), the medical aid (118), Fire Department (115) , the Coast Guard (1530), the helpline for kids (114), municipal police to phones of one of the 8101 Italian Municipalities, Provincial Police or one of the 107 provinces. So a jungle that the EU denies us.

And it also challenges the failure of the localization service calls to NUE. In other countries, calling 112, the operator is immediately informed of the city, street and house number of the caller and in the case of mobile phones, the location of the terminal with an accuracy between 10 and 200 meters so that, even if the caller is unable to speak, the operator still has a fairly accurate indication to send first aid.

In Salerno the other hand, for example, where, for 112, a dispatcher is on call between police and Carabinieri are in the paradoxical situation that might be called the first time the Police to report an accident and calling a second time, the same number of emergency, to report a request for ambulance could be conveyed to the police station that is obviously to 'dark of the previous call.

And this time we can not protect us even after activation of the temporal issues that the EU forces us to provide. And 'in fact since 1991 the EU has called this number and these services and we, eighteen years later, here we are again falling from the clouds as if for the first time we heard about this thing.

In 2008 a decree , the then Minister Gentiloni seems to fix the gap and receptive implementation of European laws but a glance at the planned activation dates of service on the Italian territory to realize that things are still beyond future.

If the ' EENA , the European Association for the emergency number, is pessimistic about the implementation of the decree by the Berlusconi government, then we are really badly made. Like a modern Cassandra, in April 2008, in fact the EENA so farsighted, so prophesied :

We decide to see what the new government certainly will have to decide quickly to not aggravate the position of Italy before the European Court of Justice, which before the non-implementation of the measures Gentiloni could decide a penalty against us salty due to the lack of caller location by the existing emergency operating centers

If you want to deepen, a summary of the ' current situation of 112 Italian and news of formal notice to Italy by EU.

And remember that we are talking about our health and our safety in situations where seconds and minutes make the difference between life and death.

But to us that we care .... So we know to live in the land of bananas and, apparently, we like as well. We will be genetically predisposed to masochism?

Just to make us even more evil, here is the situation in other countries

  • Luxembourg: The 112 is a single number for all emergencies.
  • Denmark: 112 is the only number for all emergencies.
  • Finland: 112 is the only number for all emergencies.
  • Iceland: 112 is the only number for all emergencies.
  • Netherlands: 112 is the only number for all emergencies.
  • Portugal: 112 is the only number for all emergencies.
  • Sweden: 112 is the only number for all emergencies.

  • Lithuania: 112 is the only number for all emergencies.

  • Estonia: 112 is the only number for all emergencies.

  • France
    To the existing numbers (15 for ambulances, 18 for firefighters and 17 police) were complemented by 112 and set up operations centers at the main operating centers of the fire or mixed (15:18 together, for the time being are active 6).
    Firefighters in France also advanced ambulances for the ambulance.

  • Austria
    Already operating power plants of 112 are still active even phone numbers Police 133, Ambulance 144 and Fire 122, but is widely advertised the new 112.

  • = "26" border = "1" alt = "" src = "" /> Spain
    In Spain, the central stations of those 112 are already operational for the 061, the ambulance, still active today have the power of 085 and 062 respectively for firefighters and police (Guardia Civil), but most emergency calls come now to 112 that manages and distributes.

  • Czech Republic
    The number 112 was a few years ago the number the correct time. Today the Czech Republic has established a system of 112 stations operating extremely organized, able to locate the caller and a technology that, as in Sweden, allows operators to receive calls even from remote districts, where for example the district 's user is overloaded or unable to respond (eg disasters).
    Very interesting is the possibility to use the skills of 112 workers who know foreign languages online, in fact any time you can see which players they know and make a conference call with them.

  • UK Ireland
    In the UK and Ireland 112 calls are automatically diverted to the 999 which is historically the number of emergency calls UK.
    Even today the number is advertised only 999 instead of 112.

  • Poland
    In Poland, 112 calls are from mobile phones is possible, either by landline (they are barred until the European Commission has intervened). The old emergency numbers are still active for the 997 police, 998 for firemen, ambulances and 999 for the 985 for mountain rescue.

  • Romania
    In Romania, the 112 is functioning as the single emergency operating centers have been created dedicated to 112 that have replaced old plants existing operational and connected to the local situation (in Romania the organization of police and rescue is very much linked to the different local). Also in Romania is already on the caller location. Romania is a new European country since 2007.

  • Slovenia
    Active and advertised the new number 112 (no information on the operation method of operating centers). There is only another number for the Police: 113.

  • Norway
    The 112 is the only number for all emergencies which meets the police, but the numbers are still active for 113 ambulances, 110 for firemen.

  • Belgium
    The 112 is already active and connected to the central department (technical and health together), are still active 100 numbers for fire and ambulance and 101 for the police.

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