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Emiliano Bruni suspected of doping?

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Last night was held pending the challenge of inter-company team of Micso Micso that of Whites and Blacks.


The game has a beginning but it is quite balanced only a prologue to the physical and psychological collapse of Blacks team that would add the game with a heavy 12-8 disadvantageous to them.

Here, refreshed by dinner of fish, the winning team in the company of corporate team fans

Picture 056.jpg

and, as you can see, your captain could not join the winning team Essendon become the neo-porter.

Unfortunately the game was backstage after a physical problem to the detriment of your captain, who, back home, has accused the symptoms of heavy intoxication.

At 01.50 the agency ANSA beats, on the following terse statement


The concern for the fate of the undersigned growing up during the night and the true and false news about my health and the causes of the malaise is rotated during the night and climb all over Italy so many editors that the newspaper "Il Centro" d ' Abruzzo, in morning, to give space to some rumors with a front page


An uproar and consternation in the world of football for real or alleged claims of the undersigned. Even the FIGC meets behind closed doors to decide the case.

But is that the nodes are in the afternoon to comb with a scoop of that, on the home page, exposing the plot by the team of daring Micso Blacks to demoralize the troops Blank ahead of return match


with a picture that, as you see below, is truly eloquent and joints, without a shadow of doubt, the team of their responsibilities Micso Blacks.


Case closed.


Obviously it is all a fake even though many of the images used here have actually made the rounds inside the Micso. True is the game, the victory of the Whites and the great Micso spewed night of the undersigned, however, due to natural causes. I think for a while 'I will avoid the fish at night .

Photo and graphics credits: Pierluigi Antonacci, Elena Di Bacco.

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2 Responses to "Emiliano Bruni suspected of doping?"

  • Valerie 'ftp21' writes:

    Emilia the best article of the blog really : D


  • donated writes:

    but I combine?
    You got knock by a rotting shrimp?
    We do 'two recommendations for the future:
    1. after the football is co pizza beer
    2. If you need a foreigner, extra for football ... me a whistle!
    PS: very funny the first few pages of the newspapers ... I wonder if I need the template!


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