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Foot race Posatora (Ancona) - Report

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A beautiful, sunny morning, we expect to Posatora, fraction of Ancona, the green hills above the marina town of Marche.

The place is really nice, soccer field, kids area, climbing the walls and more. The start is scheduled for 9:00 am and at nine o'clock, while we, close to the start line, we are still talking among ourselves and keeping warm, we hear a voice saying "Ok .... ... Ready. ... Bumm away": the departure Surprise! We who were near them to leave immediately, even though I lost almost a minute to register because I had just turned on the GPS that Garmin had not yet hooked all satellites. But the worst thing is that many still had not approached the starting line and then were surprised by the shot, and only later they realized that the race started so I started off with tens of seconds of delay.

The race has come a first stretch of a couple of kilometers around the center of the village and then abandoning the urban center and place on a tract in the country, first one way path and then another.

The route I was very pleased also because almost immediately the edge of town has been a climb and then, in return, a really heavy down with a drop of over 20% which has forced almost everyone to do this section a crawl. I, too, when I realized that, while running, I stood beside people who were doing the stretch but has pace, I preferred to overcome this "barrier" without running. Discomfort similar to the back where this gradient, downhill, forced to brake a lot to avoid falling. Well, in my opinion, a stretch really unnecessary for competitions.

The remainder of the course was hilly but on average, with the fatigue accumulated exceeds this height difference, the race was really tough and even the heat, finally arrived, he helped make the race very selective.

Ultimately, about 9.5Km race courses in 50:08 minutes with an average of 5:24 min / km but negatively impacted by 14min/Km led in the stretch "at a crawl."

The data highlights of my race, as usual, at Garmin Connect.

I also did some filming, and this time I have tried to take a few moments the cell phone in hand so as to have a bit of filming 'more stable.

First, a resumption of the location and time course pre-race

departure and the first stage

around the country

the rest of the race and the arrival

time of refreshment

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