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7 Days with Windows 7

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E 'over a week since I installed on my computer at home and the office's new operating system for home Redmont driven by curiosity, by the news that circulated online about the proper functioning of this Release Candidate Build 7100, and the fact that it is freely downloadable and usable in the Ultimate version and then in the most complete version of what will be then that future packaging of this product.

The downloaded version will expire on first giugno 2010 but, from the first March 2010, in order to push the purchase of a commercial version, the computer will begin to stop every two hours.

But until that date, no time to enjoy a full new product and decide whether to make the big leap or not.

Obviously, in a week of use are so many things that I noticed that I liked and now I am going to bring back with one key caveat: being jumped directly from Windows XP to Windows 7 and Vista are not having completely missed a very practical about functionality present in previous Microsoft OS I do not know if some new feature for me has been introduced in Windows 7 or was already present in Vista. If you find anything about it please notify me.


The first thing that jumps off the screen during the installation of Windows 7 is its simplicity and efficiency. few questions, well placed and a few choices without any problems, inaccuracies or possible misunderstanding.

The installation goes down smoothly and is able to have a car running in a very short time. The second thing that surprises is the list of compatible drivers already present in this operating system. On two computers that included RAID cards, video cards of last generation, dual and quad core, dual monitors, and more, Windows 7 has automatically recognized all the hardware without asking absolutely no external driver.

The only case of "incompatibility" was with my CanoScan D660U, compatibility, however, due generally to all 64bit systems, so that does not apply to this operating system in particular and explicitly stated by Canon. Problem solved by installing the scanner within a Windows XP on a virtual machine.

For the rest, all the programs that I had previously installed worked fine on Windows 7. The only foresight is relative, only in certain cases to different management of the registry under different accounts for which, sometimes, you must give the administrator of the Program. But a stroke of the right mouse button and you're done.


Another positive surprise is obtained at the start of the operating system and is related to the speed of ignition of the PC. The time is very short even after you install a lot 'of applications. I'm talking about time under a minute, since the ignition when you have the ability to launch and use a full program such as Microsoft Word.

If we use the features of Hibernate (and I see no reason not to use it), the time down to under 30 seconds are respectable numbers, if you will.

The "Start" menu now not using it almost more or better is used only for research and application for starting the same


The Quick Launch bar was attached to inteligente taskbar. In the same area now appear, in fact, both applications running, both for the Quick Launch


You see in the image above from left to right, for example, "Explorer" and "IE" present but not running in your taskbar, Firefox and Thunderbird running, other applications have as quick start and the last, the Paint, in performance but that, once closed, it disappears from the taskbar as not included as "application faster." The taskbar is very useful because, for example, you can access a sort of "Favorites" for that application. If, for example, you right click on "Explorer" or "IE" to access a list of recent folders or the last visited websites with the ability to block some of these "Favorites" to have them always on the list .

Gadgets are well made and occupy very little resources


and you can download more from the site on.

Finally, the standard has been integrated into a graphics program, the replacement of the old paint that wash
ra on classic GIF / JPEG / PNG, and also is smart enough to automatically adjust the output format for the type of image that we're going to save by offering, for example, the excellent PNG for images with few colors, and JPEG for photos


and two indispensable utilities that had to be first on the network, one for taking snapshots of parts or all of the monitor, called "Snipping Tool"


and, dare I say finally, the necessary post-it to avoid clutter our desk with all those yellow slips. Now we can clutter up our monitors


There would be many other things to say, but for now I leave you with this brief glimpse sure that, for now, on two PCs, I am fully satisfied with how it is behaving this Windows 7. Maybe you again in 7 days .

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