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Trick to upload files of 305 to Garmin Connect

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I have been asked by many, as it is possible that, although the Garmin Forerunner 305, I am able to load my sports at Garmin Connect.

Indeed, even the help page of the site, it appears that, at least for now, the only models supported are

Forerunner 50, Forerunner 405, Edge 605 & 705

and then apparently not possible to save these races on their 305.

Effective and attempting to upload, though the device is detected,


an attempt to upload, however, leads to an error message. A similar error is obtained by importing the file manually. Tcx exported by 305.

But, of course, there's a trick and this trick passes right to import the file manually. Tcx but with a little extra step that will believe the Garmin Connect site you are uploading a file obtained from 405 instead of the 305.

First uploaded to your business if you have not already done so, in the Garmin Training Center software that came with your watch.

Click, right-click on an activity and export it as. Tcx.

Now, the trick to convert your files from a file exported from the File Export from 305 to 405, is to open the file with a text editor. You get good even though the notebook is not really the best, Mgar Pick another as, for example, the PSPad.

Anyway, the change is simple. Must go to the end of the file and identify the following section:


and transform it into


The game is already done. You can now return to the upload page of Garmin Connect, select the upload manually fed him the file. Tcx just changed and you will see that everything will be well.

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3 Responses to "Trick to upload files of 305 to Garmin Connect"

  • Mauro writes

    thank you for the tip, everything's ok.
    I would, however, another problem that I can not answer about the satellite maps that vanish inexplicably sporting tracks I have also installed the plugin but nothing to do with your expertise you might know the answer to me thanks


  • Vito writes:

    Sorry to bother you first. I use about 3 times a week and 1 MTB 1 time per week 1 racing bike. On the MTB I mounted 1 Polar CS200 Cad but after reading several reviews I decided to purchase 1 x Garmin Forerunner 305. Now I come to the point, I finally realized, thanks to your guides how to load 1 map. Garmin tcx format, but did not really understand how to follow the track. Pray if you can help me in computer are 1 landslide. Thanks a lot Vito.


  • Mauro writes
    Go to this link if this is not what you mean let me know


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