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Preparing a table of a foot race with the Garmin

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Great success for my preparation to table a foot race using the Garmin Forerunner 305.

Aim of the game, try to make a jog on the likely path of the Preparatory foot race to be held April 26, 2009 at Pagliare del Tronto (AP).

First I contacted the group runners who organizes the event, not having a digital map of the event sent me the exact directions of the route which will take place on the race.

From here, using Google Earth, I created this course

Route Pagliare del Tronto 2009.jpg

you can also see here on Google Maps.

Once saved the file in Google Earth (. Kml) I've converted using the Garmin (. Tcx) using the free software TCX Converter which allows him to set the speed with which they will travel the route in order to not only follow the path with the Garmin but also to "fight" against a virtual opponent that runs on the path to a certain distance.

It 'just what I did, setting a speed of 5.40min/km.

At this point it was easy to import the file as a race. Tcx just created using the Garmin Training Center comes standard on the clock.

Synchronization of all with the Forerunner 305 and am ready to run.

The result was fantastic. Thanks to the map provided by Garmin have not lost a turning point, indeed, to tell the truth, I was the one to lose as seen here


but then there's also the question that I 9.5Km run on his back but, again thanks to the Garmin, I immediately noticed the error and are therefore retraced my steps.

This here is the Google Earth file of the exact path that I have made full height, indicators of separation at Km and some data "personal" on the race.

Route Pagliare del Tronto 2009 altimetria.jpg

The file is visible via Google Maps.

For those wishing to take a look at my full benefit of all the data he can find, as usual, on Garmin Connect.

A final experiment on this race was the attempt to direct the entire live "event." This time the feedback in terms of sending the live footage was excellent in that, at the end of event, so after nearly an hour of recovery, it was only 3 minutes late sign that where there is stable connectivity, you can do a real live. Unfortunately the only place where I could, without problems, to fix the iPhone is on the range of forearm and what caused it, as I imagined, shooting really limit the obscene. If you still want to have a look and, at least, to hear your tired Emi, this is the video

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