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To those who say that Facebook does not help.

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Subtitle: Updated review of the Long Ride of Lanciano.

To all those who say that Facebook does not help, here's the rebuttal. For example serves to clarify some doubts and to correct some inaccuracies.

I refer in particular to my review of Long Ride Lanciano and, in particular the part relating to the gentleman with the camera.

Thanks to Facebook I was contacted by this gentleman that I made it clear that in fact that part of the review is all a misunderstanding due, as already mentioned the supposed end of the note in question, to my guilty conscience.

Actually, the gentleman in question was the father of one of the instructors of the long-ride (luckily for me the one to which I gave the highest grade ) And my request to have a few photos, if I knew I had answered the daughter, and as I had said yes, he felt that everything was resolved.

So no "secrets" to conceal and in fact, here are the pictures








I have from my own, as an excuse for the misunderstanding, bitterness and banned for shooting that had just fallen from two hours of biking and then, probably, had clouded the mind more than expected.

Case solved.

If now even those of the association, to which I sent the link of my review, I could contact to clarify other points, I would be really happy.

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