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34 ° Marcialonga brotherhood - Cassette d'Ete - Report

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A bellisimo track one this morning that, for 12 km, took me in the beautiful countryside of the Marche.

Race Cassette d'Ete 19-04-2009.png

The departure and arrival times are in the center of Cassette d'Ete, a district of Porto Sant 'Elpidio (AP), but almost all the path winds around a circuit of the country with many traits unsurfaced but no traffic and some unpaved sections but still very comfortable and without holes.

The trail runs along the river for a large stretch Chienti and for a small stretch on Lake Cascina.

The slope is not too high with a drop of 92.7 above and below the -87.9 point of departure. The only "painful" the climb, the final stretch, which leads to the house of Diego Della Valle, which really breaks my breath and here I passed many people that if he was doing at a crawl but at the cost of heart rate almost by heart attack of 190 beats per minute. Given that my 100% FC should be 181bpm ie 181bpm should be the number of beats that one can not overcome even by climbing Mount Everest of racing I do not know how it came out this number never seen before on my pulse.

However, ultimately, a good experience on a beautiful location and a beautiful performance 5.20min/km staff makes me feel happy even in competitive sport.

My whole race, and at Garmin Connect.

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  • Demetrius writes

    Ah yes I remember this, I could in the 80's, beautiful location, the tough final climb. It beats already normally get up at the end of repeated tests or short fast, then climb even more.


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