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My races on Garmin Connect

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While waiting for the Garmin Forerunner 305, inaugurated a new section. Running one of my activities.

At first the idea was to develop a personal site called MyTracks on whom the log files of my activities are running and that will automatically show the work undertaken in various forms.

For now, I could not even find the time to complete but, because after all this time there was the birth of DevTV nothing is defined, and who knows that sooner or later this new service of your EMI, he does not see the birth. But in the meantime I do?

While looking for news on the Forerunner, I came across the site Garmin Connect which each holder of a Garmin can do just what I wanted to do with the MyTracks albeit with some limitations.

The first limit was precisely the fact that the site accepts the log files only from Garmin devices that, for now, I have not. A small script to convert the miracle allowed to import all my pregresso in Garmin Connect.

The second limitation is the integration with other sites. For now I was able to export and use some of the graphics in Flash presentation in Garmin Connect.

For example, this is below the altitude of the foot race in San Martin last November 2008

These ones is the speed that I have had during the race measured in minutes / km.

There is, for example, the ability to have the speed measured in km / h as there is the possibility of integrating the map of Google Maps that I give here simply as a static picture


It is very complicated and yet I am not clear how to manage the overall results of each race.

Another thing that there is the complete list of my race that I see as a user authenticated but do not know how to show you.

At the very least, access to every single race but is a public fact, if you want to see the full version of the summary of this contest, you can do this by going to the page on the site Garmin Connect.

Very evocative and see, the player below that shows you step by step, the performance data at any time.

When I have available the Forerunner, and then the data will continue even heartbeat, then it's just a fun thing to review its performance in this player.

In short, between good and bad for now I am forced to eat gruel and ready to use this Garmin Connect trying to pull out all the best from this site pending MyTracks.

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5 Responses to "My trips to Garmin Connect"

  • Donato writes

    are a myth, I too would like to have a log like this, where do I start?
    What are you, a heart rate monitor, the application for iPod, which uses as tracker?


  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    For now I use my old HTC duck antenna with an external GPS and cardio Polar F6 model. But I can not wait to throw everything to the toilet as soon as I can find a Garmin Forerunner 305 from somewhere.
    This product is what the council.


  • Donato writes

    the first site of retailers selling the Garmin Forerunner NY add 8% to $ 179 in taxes, do the conversion with the dollar to 1.35 ... it costs a shit!
    Are you sure you do not want to wait until August??


  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    I would say not. I need it now especially as I have already sold the Polar F6 to a colleague with whom I spinning


  • Eusebius writes:

    Go here and see that it is much better than Garmin Connect
    also scaricatevi SportTracks and integration with runsaturday see what fun!


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