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Report of a day of spinning

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Today, as announced, I participated in the Spinning Tour 2009 at the sports hall of Foligno (AP), a two-hour fitness, fun and pure adrenaline.

I have two moments to recount, the competitive event and the announced LIVE on Qik.

The competitive event was truly exciting. If only to see a hall full of two hundred people in unison trying to give their best on their bike turns heads. If you then put the excellent organization and two excellent instructors then the day is perfectly successful.

Gaspare Firmani.jpg

Personally, the first part, with Gaspar Firmani not excited me that much even if you have 56 minutes of good work with a peak of 181 bpm and 147 on average.

Corrado De Gennaro.jpg

But it is in the second part, with Corrado De Gennaro that things got really tough with lots of ups and downs from the saddle. Corrado also can really pull off that energy in more than you need to overcome the latest bumps. Fifty minutes of pure fire with a peak of 180 bpm and an average of 155.

Ultimately a great sudatone, two wet T-shirts thrown into the washer and liters and liters of water and supplements to recover what burned.

The second moment, live on Qik I was not 100% satisfied even if I must say that the result was still better than expected. First, the hall was covered with 3G connectivity and the beginning everything seemed to go in the best possible way.


I'd also accrocchio built with a little 'plastic molded to hold the phone on the handlebars of a bike has performed well and never did move the cell from the assigned position despite the worries of the undersigned, pedaling like crazy.

The environment of directing and recording software developed by those Qik is very functional and well done to manage the filming during the fall of connectivity.

What has completely disappointed that the usual iPhone continues to prove a "toilet" in his hand phone.

First, although often there were 3-4 notches of 3G coverage the phone, after a first hour of recording began to connect more to the network or connection went 2G. Then, monitor off, even if the recording is not interrupted, but the party fell connectivity thus forcing the software to buffer the movie.

But most distressing was the battery that despite being full to capacity at the beginning of the event has resisted for an hour or more, thus preventing the return of all stages of the ride, especially considering that there was a 30-minute delay in the event scheduled for 16:00.

In short, a total disgust on the part of the iPhone that surely, for events of similar duration, force me to turn to alternatives.

If you really want to tell the whole, a note should be made also to the management of the movies Qik. Due to the continuous fall of the battery and disconnects from the network, the whole concluding part of the event was saved on the phone and was sent to Qix after the end of the event at 20.00.

I would have expected that, by reading the date of the event, Qix inserisse this movie anyway deferred basis within the same, whereas the court considered that a recovery from the event recorded live independently. I will surely present it to those of Qix.

For those who still want to look at the movies, here is a first part with my presentation and some footage from the location

a second part with the first lesson of Gaspare Firmani

and a last part, stolen with the last bursts of drums, with the start of the second lesson Corrado De Gennaro

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