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We're going to comment on this long ride Spinning held yesterday, 28 March 2009 to launch at the gym Mythos, 120 minutes of hard aerobic and anaerobic riding a bike.

The event, under the brand Fispin, is organized by the nascent sports association "In & Out Abruzzo Team. Unfortunately on their site stands out, we hope for now, the only description of the web server running on.

Arriving at around 15:00 in the gym and here once the first little disappointment. Perhaps too well accustomed to the previous stage of spinning in Folignano where participants were given a bag containing a little 'of gadgets, including a shirt, bottled water, two bags of salt, an MP3 port and so on forearm We also expect something and have nothing here.

Know how much I personally love the patticcottaglie and how even a simple gadgets can make the happiness of your good Emiliano and instead this time I stayed hungry. For this reason I would give a first advice to the organizers: a bottle of water and a sachet of salts do not cost nearly nothing. And if there's more, so be it. If possible, tenetene mind for future events.

But let's go over and talk about location. The gym is located in the basement of a building is fairly well maintained and spread over a large surface area and also the spinning room, which you can see in this short movie

is quite broad. Unfortunately, on balance, it is not enough to accommodate the effort of 50 spinners or maybe it was not enough plant aeration. In fact in the most critical breathing compounded by lack of air circulation that would not allow the breath and sweat of 50 people to disperse so much so that for almost the entire event all glass and mirrors were steamed up the room generated by water vapor from our breath.

Several times in fact, in the second section of the race, Dino Del Gallo instructor in the first section, entering the room, with clear signs showing that, for those coming from outside, was vitiated air from the room and I suppose that even the smell was not the most pleasant. So for the next time I think it is necessary to take account of the fact that adequate ventilation should be managed in the local venue for the event.

Arrival anyway to take possession of a bike in the front row. Bikes that have happened to us I must say were not exactly the best. The lack of bottle cage side, the presence of rust on the flywheel and the wear of rubber for resistance were all signs of the state of maintenance of the bike. The age of the bike was felt even during use due to an annoying vibration coming from the flywheel. It 'also true that in the end, all this has led to increased effort and therefore to an increased consumption of energy all the benefit of the workout, but you could ask for more.

Still managed all the equipment: towels, heart rate and I am going to make all the adjustments necessary.

Among other things, set on the bike, the famous phone holder I made over the phone ready to direct. 3G coverage seems to be there if it's a bit 'ups and downs but I notice that the gym has a wireless network with encryption WEP !!!!! Then, try to ask at reception if you have the WEP key because I would like to direct the event, but the reception I replied that no such information and that just comes one of the leaders, I sent him to see if it is possible that I asked.

This person actually will never arrive, but after a few minutes presents instead a guy who turns out to be Nicholas Ciancio, chairman of the organized sport, that makes me, under my phone: "Sorry, what is ?.

I reply you need to do a live Internet and he very kindly tells me that you can resume the event because, er, those of the amateur shooting Fispin not want because they are afraid that other associations can then use to change I did not understand for what purposes.

I kept thinking that we are at a sensitive site, we're not seeing a presentation of a new patented technology, it made me sign an NDA and I start thinking: "Christ .... Just a lesson spinning. But given that the event is their view and the kindness with which I was asked the thing, I put the phone in the bag reluctantly and goodbye live .

Too bad because then looking at your site statistics, I realized that more than 50 people have tried, in the course of 3 hours, access to direct. Are in fact many friends, especially from Abruzzo, who tried to follow the event and then I have posted messages on SMS, IM, twitter and facebook wondering why they could not see directly. So I hope those are happy to In & Out Abruzzo team had lost 50 potential members. But maybe they're right and these 50 visitors were in fact spies established by some dilapidated shadow government ready to steal the secrets of this event .

However we omit personal polemics and go back to the most important thing. The event is about to begin. It starts in platform trainers, with the trio Molise Dino Del Gallo, Marianna Venditti, Luisa effort that will be with us, 20 minutes each, for the first hour of pedaling.

E 'task of Dino Del Gallo to warm the muscles and bring us to our 65% MHR. Perhaps because of this task "marginal", her performance in technical and choreographic I was not at all enthusiastic. It promotes, with the benefit of the doubt just because he could not just give us that much in the first minutes of our long effort. Rating: 6

The question changes completely in seconds with Marianna Venditti 20 minutes of training. Girl who exudes energy from every pore with a technical course and choreography really good. Although we still got to the top of the fantastic emotion. Rating: 9


Last twenty minutes of the first hour allocated to Luisa fatigue although with a slightly lower section choreographic Marianna, however, offers excellent technical cues. Rating: 8.

After 5 minutes you need to change trainers on stage, here we come with Gaspare Firmiana, Emanuela De Marco and Nicholas Ciancio the second part of the event.

Start Gaspar Firmiana that, as also in the event of Folignano not convince me much. It will be that women have a predisposition choreographic best of men and that the latter believe that the technique much more dramatic and vocal part, but men have always given me far fewer women.

Gaspare Firmani.jpg

However, the technical part of Gaspare this time I am passionate about a bit 'more with alternating moments of lowland high-speed flywheel side by side with moments where resistance held sway. Rating: 7.

Another twenty minutes pass in the company of Emanuela De Marco, who we really breaks my breath with a lot of jump in 4 days. Pity about the music really too high in this part and with her, instead of lower it, he decides to scream at breakneck speed with a consequent inability to understand some of his sentences. Of course, this means that at some point the ride becomes nervous and feeling not very pleasant thing at a session of spinning is the worst thing we can be. Rating: 7.5

We are at the end. Us to the last summit Nicholas Ciancio with a repeated series of 6 really tough switchbacks interspersed with 50 seconds of flat sections with high speed flywheel. Twenty minutes really tough that they take away all the breath left but give great satisfaction. At the best of scenic instructors are male.

All this, coupled with good technical section, shall rise its final score that unfortunately suffers from a half-point instead disappears to almost non-existent session of stretching, as last instructor was against it, at year end. Impressed me a sentence Corrado De Gennaro said about the long-ride stretching in Foligno: "The stretching is the way we appreciate the effort of our body." Unfortunately, in the case of launch, we thanked him much too little. Rating: 7.5.

In the final session of spinning a personal best, with 2 hours and 4 minutes of good work, with a peak heart rate finally reaches 100% but my own, stood at 174 beats per minute (during the session of Nicholas) and a average of 148 pulses representing my 81%. Big sweaty, great loss of fluids, and excellent muscular effort with more than 1500 kcal burned.

One last note. Throughout the event known a gentleman of a certain age who does a lot 'of photos of the room, instructors and to us that we are sweating like hell.
At the end of event I approached to ask if it is so gentle and if you can send me some pictures he made (and which are also present) to my email address. And here again this shadow of "trade secret" that hovers throughout the event. I answered it with a do a little 'embarrassed if he does not know me that I can send and ask a Miss X if I can have. Since I do not want to discuss let it go but everything leaves me very puzzled, but maybe it's me that now I have a guilty conscience.

However, apart from some minor organizational flaws that we hope will be payable only at the young age of the association and to be resolved in the next event, the event was satisfactory and so probably see you all in Teramo April 19 to 10 for the next long -ride, hoping, but I have many doubts, to be able this time to resume the event live.

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