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Access is not allowed starting from Google

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I understand that for a bank, to be paranoid to be the default, but this protection just do not understand it.

You can do the test yourself by going to Google and entering search as "Banca Popolare di Ancona". Obviously the first link is suggested that, precisely on the bank looking for. But the surprise is if you try to access the database by clicking on the link offertovi by Google. Instead of entering, as one might imagine, the home page of the bank there appears below the page


Now, I can understand that in times of phishing, social engineering, scam a bank must safeguard and protect their customers from such fraud attempts telematics but what they have to do with security problems accessing the site from a bank URL provided by Google?

Mine is simple curiosity, if someone finds me a good reason for that block, I will be happy to publish their motivation and perform an upgrade of personal knowledge, if not, to me, this block is incomprehensible.

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