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E 'nata Controguerra TV

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Ten days of absence from the blog is a lot for myself and of course, deep down, why was there and who knows me well he certainly sensed that something was cooking in the pot when we take account of my recent blog post where he announced the creating a theme for WordPress to publish movies online.

The rationale was the need to brush up on old projects that two of the closet now that you see the light.

It 'the first is just born. E 'online a few hours before it CONTROGUERRA TV, WebTV, the first of our beautiful village.


Finally in a single portal, all shots of local councils, footage of the demonstrations, events and any associated media contribution to our beautiful country.

The effort made in terms of development and graphics has been remarkable, especially for someone like myself who is considered a graphic emerita duffer.

However, in the end, I must say that the result seems quite nice, straightforward and simple in content research. What do you think?

Obviously, if someone wants to work with this project, we will welcome with open arms.

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