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VideographEx Upgrading to 1.2

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Small update of my theme for Wordpress VideographEx. Apart from marginal content that you can read in the ChangeLog, the most important thing is support for movies sent mode pseudo-streaming from web servers such as the 'Apache or Lighttpd via the form mod_h264_streaming that transforms a "progressive download" into a movie streaming mode.

My theme now adds support for thumbnail images of these films and in particular flash movies H.264 extension. F4v.

Unfortunately for the operation of this method assumes that the flash that encapsulates the movie, the JW Player, it is called with a variable "streamer" set to "lighttpd" (even for apache :-D ). Unfortunately the Viper plugin that inserts the meta tag [FLV] which is then transformed by the Wordpress code needed to generate the JW Player does not allow manual setting of this variable.

I put in the forum plugin Viper, the problem identified and a patch that I used to encapsulate the videos of this type and allows you to write stuff like


Viper replied to the forum and, apparently, already the standard version of his plugin supports the ability to manually enter a value for the parameter "streamer". The syntax is slightly different from the one I proposed above, but I already tried and it works well


with proper operation of the player in the presence of these movies on these servers as you can see from the demo of VideographEx and, in particular, in this movie.

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