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This weekend I was looking for something to handle the many videos produced for the municipality of Controguerra and those produced by myself. The goal was and is to manage Controguerra TV and start a domain that I registered for some 'time with this very purpose and has never started for lack of time.

Obviously, rather than trying a platform from scratch, in a manner similar to YouTube, allow me to post personal videos, videos from YouTube or other video distribution platforms, both in Quicktime streaming video of the town.

Surprise, there is not a ready for use. The one that came closest was a nice theme for Wordpress called Videograph , graphically not evil, that turns Wordpress blog PHP better manager, a site similar to YouTube.

Obviously there is a but. Videograph handles only and only content from YouTube, with its video upload limit to a maximum duration of 10 minutes is not exactly the best and certainly was not applicable to my case.

So, who knows me and knows what it cost me, I had to prostrate at the feet of PHP and Videograph modify to suit my wishes.

What they have left out is an excellent result even at that the same developer Videograph that also gave me the opportunity to redistribute its modified code that added together by myself through the GPL . The photo below shows the demo of the product currently online.


VideographEx, unlike Videograph supports video loaded locally or remotely flash, video in Quicktime loaded locally or remotely, support RTSP streaming protocol of the Darwin Streaming Server, and associated support post without video support video upload multimedia content providers in the following : , Dailymotion , Flickr Video , Google Video , Metacafe , MySpace , , Veoh , Viddler , Vimeo , YouTube .

For now, I could not even make the product page , download, installation and documentation thereof.

For the most willing and eager , there is a SVN to download the source of development. For those who want to only look at the features introduced in English I posted a video on YouTube (always to the limitations of YouTube, I had to divide it into two) with a tour of the same.

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