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Results appearances streaming Radar 09/02/2009

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Great evening of live web streaming for the town of Controguerra. This evening the scene is not the usual city council but the presentation of the new road speed control system recently installed on some of our "roads" principal.

Presence of large public hall, I believe over 60 people, but especially on the web. Very stimulating chat with 8 friends and fellow citizens who, at the end of the intervention, those relating to applications were the most exciting of the evening.

Regarding the number of people who attended the event, making the usual comparison between who is usually present in chat and those who follow the event thought to have had a significant number of admissions via the web instead remains at around 10 spectators.


Virtually all those who were viewing the live event were then also present in the chat.

However a big thanks goes to them for their presence, for their perseverance, and for making the last part of the event very interesting.

For my part I hope to post about the event in version "full" even with mounted slides shown during the event itself.

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