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RSSMiniReader, a Web component for RSS feeds

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What you see here on the left is my last prodottino web-based.

Even the name should state what it is: RSSMiniReader. It is essentially a small component for Web sites to show the RSS feeds from other sites. In particular, the example at right shows my videos on YouTube.

The peculiarity which forced me to build one from scratch was the need to have a component to be inserted in different sites made by a few files and easily inserted into web pages.

This component essentially consists of 3 files + your HTML page.

The three files are the javascript library that does all the work, a CSS style sheet that formats the graphical component and a proxy, this distribution is for PHP to Perl, but easily adaptable to any language that allows you to bypass the constraint does not allow the javascript on a domain to access resources in another domain.

Once inserted, the page's HTML header a reference to a library

 <script type="text/javascript" src="lib/RSSMiniReader.js"> </ script>

and added a reference to the stylesheet

just insert a DIV at any point and inizializzalo as part RSSMiniReader

<script> new RSSMiniReader ( 'an_unique_id', 'proxy.php') </ script>

and configure proxy.php to return to the RSS feed properly, the result is something similar to that found on the left.

Obviously, the component is fully configurable in terms of colors and fonts by editing the style sheet as an example in the package.

Other documentation and the download is on the site of product reference.

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