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The Micso on Circuits of Milano Finanza

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Last Wednesday, January 13, 2009, on Circuits, technology attached to the daily journal of financial markets "Milano Finanza" was released an article titled "Room with a view on the Internet" on which some experts were interviewed on the field of wireless connections in public places especially in hotels, in jargon called "hotspots".

Among the "experts" was also heard on the subject myself as head of R & D of Micso that, as you may know, has a relatively precisely the realization of hotspot areas around Italy.

The argument came as a bean, you may remember, I have just emerged from the realization, another trade magazine, Linux Pro, for a series of articles related to the formation of a captive portal which is precisely the 'customary system of Internet access in hotspot areas.

Ferrato then on, I made telephone interview of more than 20 minutes which unfortunately has been condensed into just a few lines in the printed version. Fortunately, the journalist was able to cite the most important thing in our system and also hotspots dela philosophy behind the captive portal built for Linux Pro namely that in any case, is the "hotspot to adapt to the configuration of the PC," as well the ability to "provide authentication via SMS which ensures rintracciabilitàa and allows the customer to streamline the procedures of the hotel."

The reporter then mentioned our greatest achievement in 2008, to Eurobasket 2008 in which we gave full coverage of all the hotspots in sports halls associated with the event in such a way that many journalists, workers and spectators to the area that it is always online during the entire duration of the event.

Not reported, but now I bring him back here, the realization of full coverage of the hotel 's Hotel Reserve Caramanico in 2007 during the event ICTPark2007 that saw the presents, in Caramanico, great big the computer field such as Microsoft, HP and Cisco, to name a few.

He has also reported, but now I bring him back here, the coverage in 2006, the entire fair area during the National Day of Unity held in Pesaro.

Even so, however, mics could not get better advertising and the fact it was approached as one of the four largest companies in the industry, makes it perfectly the idea of such efforts for the realization of this and other innovative solutions and makes us so proud of what we created.

The article, also complete with the original PDF, is available online after free registration, directly on the site of Milano Finanza.

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