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Supercazzola during a conference. Video (auto) Censored

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Public event, cameras in full view and direction in plain view, direct Web

Despite all this someone decides to take action to put it mildly abnormal. The event is put online, and although there was no need because the public nature of the event and the fact that the recovery is already 'was broadcast during the live web, I also take care to conceal the face of the person and of concealing the name before putting it online.

Yet anyone believes that my behavior has been corrected. Not wanting to completely get into it, I decided to censor the video.

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3 Responses to "Supercazzola during a conference. Video (self-) censored "

  • Gwendalyne writes:

    Only now I read the transcript of the speech of that movie, which at that time I had seen, and at this point I find that you have done well to remove it from YouTube. Being a public event broadcast live on the web, and since I am in principle against censorship, I do not just cut a part where you will put online the entire evening. In my opinion, however, select a single action and highlight labeled "Supercazzola" is equivalent to ridicule the protagonist. Who would have thought it deserved even if he had spoken that way to throw dust into the eyes of the onlookers, but if it is true that "he did not deliberately" and moreover is known to suffer from health problems, then the address changes. As you had already taken care to conceal the concealable, regret from those who were able to recognize the person in question is understandable.


  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    You have summarized everything beautifully, better than I could do it. Thanks.


  • Max writes:

    like Antani ...


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