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Maroni + Berlusconi: two gems on the same day

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Sorry. Politician I do? Oh well yes, but it is only a side-effect ". In fact I am an engineer and I'm the coach and I would not dream of making "serious" the political and when they are forced to put on the hat of political, when in doubt, ask those who are more experienced than me.

How come, people who know nothing of networks, it allows you to open your mouth on this subject without asking someone like me?

That's so that two high positions of our state, and Roberto Maroni, Silvio Berlusconi, where leaving the same day, with two Bischerate fantastic.

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Which? We're going to hear their own words.

Silvio Berlusconi's visit to the Technological Pole of Italian post states:

Bring to the table [of the next G8] a proposal for a regulation of the Internet around the world, being an internet forum open to the world

Roberto Maroni during the statement to the House on the arrest of two suspected terrorists Moroccans declares:

We are working with managers to develop the IP number is unique for every network user in order to avoid the risk of cancellation or inability to use for several months

We need to comment?

Berlusconi still responds admirably Vittorio Zambardino from his blog "Digital Scene" on the same pages of Republica.

A Maroni is rather difficult to answer. Can someone explain what it means that the finished IPv4 and IPv6, and that still to come?

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