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The world had teeth and could bite you.

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The world had teeth and could bite you at any time. Trisha McFarland discovered this in nine years. At ten o'clock of a June morning was on the back seat of her mother's Dodge Caravan, wearing a blue T-shirt from the Red Sox (the one that has "36 Gordon" on the back) to play with Mona, her doll. At ten and a half was lost in the woods. At eleven he tried not to be terrified, trying not to think: "This is a serious thing, this is a very serious matter." She tried not to think that sometimes to get lost in the woods you could also do much harm. Sometimes people died


So begins "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon", claustrophobic novel of that genius of Stephen King that lately has some 'lost some of its narrative verve, but in 1999, year of publication of the novel in Italy, was still at the height of his vein of gold.

This novel, in particular, marks a turning point for the author who, usually located in the horror genre, but marks a point in favor of the psychological kind where the only main character is basically the poor Trisha, dyspepsia in a wood to nine years, is doing what he often fails to adults, survive the Nature and survive mainly to their fears and their primordial stimuli.

It 'true that even in this novel King must still insert a sudden, if not horror, but at least the supernatural but I must say however that the inclusion does not mind too much because it tends to increase, however, the anxiety of the reader towards the poor child and to his destiny, gradually, it is increasingly scontanto.

A book that, after many years, it still reads with pleasure. Possibly be read to their children in the age 14/18 years to make them understand how unstable our lives and how it can be transformed in minutes, sometimes for a trifle, a quiet and comfortable living in a nightmare from which more often are unable to revive.

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