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Since I picked up the first time ...

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And 'long, but not too much. It 'hard and tough but also fair and use well know, we will give hours of fun. And then, with his all-white color, very much recalls some trinkets so fashionable lately.

Hey, but what do you understand? What I'm talking about is one of the most innovative items recently appeared in the wireless world and in particular of one of the CPE wireless most beautiful and innovative on the market, "The Bullett (R) 'of Ubiquiti Inc. Netwoks that we recently tested all 'internal wireless project WADSL / MICSO.


To better appreciate the beauty of this product we try to explain, even to those who are unfamiliar networking, is a CPE.

To deploy broadband connectivity in areas not served by ADSL, it is preferred to opt for a wireless solution that provides a central antenna to an area usually spherical band around the antenna.

Enabled users to the service can connect to broadband within this area using an apparatus consisting of an antenna and a radio from which emerges a cable network on which to connect their computers and connect to the Internet.


This device, end-user side, it is precisely called CPE. Until now, these were the CPE router, usually integrated antenna whose aesthetic form often left to be desired.


In fact, in the past, with the series Nanostation


The Ubiquiti accustomed us to a product not only highly efficient and reliable, but especially beautiful to behold. But this time with the Bullet has surpassed itself with a product, not only beautiful, but also innovative.

But what is essentially the "The Bullet"? E 'explained fully by the diploma presentation.

The Bullet Instantly Transform Any Antenna into a Carrier Class Radio System

Basically, given any antennae, he is attacking a small addition, "The Bullet", precisely, and this antenna is magically transformed into an EPC. Not that this is a magic. There are lots of CPE with integrated antenna is not like this, but what the innovative "The Bullet" and that, unlike other CPE, it becomes a small addition of the antenna and not a piece apart.


Sizes. Well, maybe he made this very clear this other photo taken during testing of the product


A little longer than a BIC pen.

Thus in addition to aesthetics, what is innovative is the cylindrical shape and the fact that connects directly to the antenna, effectively making them an extension so that avoids the need to identify a device to the post. But the network where it is?

As we see, the back is removable and inside is the classic network RJ45 plug which connect their networks.


More information about the product obviously the manufacturer's site.

What about anything except to repeat that, since I picked up this product, I immediately started to love it.

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3 Responses to "Ever since I picked up the first time ..."

  • Max writes:

    I think the considerable advantage of this tool and 'maintenance apparatus: the old models CPE' all in one 'as those currently deployed or Witelo Sice or the same Mikrotic require replacing the whole piece if something is wrong with the router, for example, while in this case, just replace the Bullet and goodnight. Really interesting ...


  • Argo16 writes:

    Because 'it is an object that acts as an alternative to products supereconomica much more' expensive (the price of the Bullet expected to be around 35 Euro + VAT, a prezzaccio), would also be helpful to know how it goes, not just how beautiful and convenience.


  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    To me it is a 50in euros, but we are actually there. However it should be a bomb. Tried to Atri, while streaming. We had a classic Nanostation5 the bullet with a duck antenna with a little 'more than profit. The Nanaostation5 was used for navigation and to see the operation. The Bullet for streaming video to the server.
    A bomb for two hours pumped data tablet.
    Concerning the quality of the signal, because of course the antenna with a little 'more than profit, The bully had a notch more intense than the Nanostation.


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