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Supercazzola during a conference

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Conclusion of proceedings of a conference in Controguerra, on a rural development plan. Our dear vice mayor tries to close the event to allow viewers to enjoy the excellent buffet with typical products, but neither he nor the audience knows what to expect yet.

Censored Video

Typically the Supercazzola is a nonsense as desired, in this case, the thing has come "natural", but the text of the speech is so "perfect" to enter in law in the Guinness Book of Supercazzola most famous.

For those who like the Karaoke version, thanks to the meticulous work of Norma, here is the text of the intervention:

Good evening to all ... We are here 'this evening to inaugurate our ideology persuasively, that' the work camps where all we can to support us all day to day, families, businesses ... General.
Now, this speech, and 'was made following the capacity' of ornaments to the laws of true health, ie ':
- Good wine;
- Oil well;
- Salt good;
- All ok.
This is' a discourse that we could reorganize for a greeting to friends, that 'having a general report to channel capacities'.
Sorry eh, they are a bit 'sad because' 'we move this evening in a post-operative, that is,' we are working with supports.
Now we now control the capabilities' constructive.
I hope everyone enjoyed this speech and I thank everyone for their cooperation. Good morning.
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