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Verbatim MediaStation Pro, review and resolution problems

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The Verbatim MediaStation Pro is a media player with integrated hard disk from 500 GB. The player supports almost all formats of audio and video digital compression, including MPEG 1,2,4 / MP4/divx 3,4,5,6 / HD-MPEG2/SD-MPEG2/XviD (except GMC option applied qpel) / WMV9 (WMV) / TS / TP / TRP / ISO / IFO / VOB. Even the audio portion is fully supported due to compatibility with MP3 / WMA / WAV / OGG Vorbis / AAC and is also full support for image formats with the classic JPG / JPEG / PNG / BMP.


As shown in the photo below


The product comes in a nice box of black. The interior contains the MediaStation, support to hold the device, the wireless antenna, external power, the CD with the manual (in six languages, including Italian) and the USB driver for Windows 98/Me, the remote with two batteries and all the relevant cables for connecting the product with the audio / video devices and the PC. Excludes the optical cable for connection to a Dolby Digital and the cable network.


As seen from the back


the product can be connected to video devices via HDMI port, SVGA port or by using the two holes that are seen centrally jack cables and two cable to devices with composite or with the classic RCA.


To connect to the audio section are available classic left / right channel RCA output, or otherwise, to support the Dolby and DTS tracks are available 's coaxial output or the optical drive.

To connect with the part given the MediaStation has a LAN interface has a wireless 802.11b / g, can be connected to a computer via USB and has two USB ports for connecting additional external drives or USB drives.

You can then add the movie / audio / pictures available on USB sticks or HD, you can connect this device via USB to a computer that will recognize them as any external hard drive enabling you to store inside our films, our images or however, any other files allowing you to use the device as external backup drive for our data.

Also seems possible, given the presence of network connectivity via cable or wireless, you can also transfer these files using the network. One might even say that because, otherwise, why buy a device with network support. We will see shortly that, in the installation and use, things will not all be roses and flowers.


The first note that there are negative for the product is the printed booklet contained inside the package and called "quick start guide". Usually the quickstart guide is the only thing that you look because it contains patterns and step, step by step to attack the device to other devices with the pattern of connecting cables between devices and the startup of the device.

This booklet instead, albeit translated into several languages, contains nothing. Two page with the system requirements, limitations on guarantees and references to technical


I honestly expected more from this type of manual but this small flaw is balanced by an excellent manual on the CD that explains how to connect wire and sign the MediaStation in both the audio / video is that the part of the network.

And now the pain starts.

We have the MediaStation working. How do I take the movies? Obviously I could connect it via USB to your computer and put the movie on your hard drive but since the device has, as mentioned above, network interfaces I can use it as network attached storage.

The first idea, once identified the IP address obtained from the device by the DHCP server on my network, is that it has on shared network resources by the entire hard drive but unfortunately, a search of the shares on the IP MediaStation proves to be no active network server.

A little 'navigation within the setup menu bodes well given the presence of protocols such as SAMBA, FTP, NFS, and UPnP. But after a while 'I realize that all this stuff really need to see any shares in the external sense that if the network is a shared samba, ftp, nfs with in films, images sounds, MediaStation allows you to run these files remote and therefore will see on the big screen movies and all media content shared on the network and it also seems to work very well because the MediaStation immediately identifies and makes available all of the shares on my computer at home. A useful feature, but it is not what interests me now. How to put movies on the hard disk inside the MediaStation.

An "FTP Server" gives me hope, even if I am forced to use an FTP client, always better than having to always have the device near the computer connected to USB. Sets the data and I connect remotely. Seems to work, as well as if any attempt to go write fails. It seems as if the device is mounted read-only because any attempt to write to get a response like "access denied".

Disheartened after further tests, since the manual recommends it, I try to see if there's a firmware upgrade on the site of verbatin but not find any information regarding my product. Even more disheartened I lean on me google returns a link to this forum thread hardware upgrade to which I come to discover many interesting things.

Look at the picture below. Is familiar?


But it is our Verbatim MediaStation Pro But no. And 'the MEDIAGATE MG-350SHD of AL Tech.

What did they do then those Verbatim? They took a third-party product and have, as they say, rebrandizzato. Up to here nothing wrong except that the Mediagate has support for NDAS which is an evolution of the NAS developed by Ximeta, which, although as proprietary implementations, allows you to see even the remote storage like a local disk.

So if the Mediagate MediaStation and are the same person because the Mediagate not find support for the NDAS?

It is discovered by looking at the firmware version of the model Verbatin


contrasts sharply with the latest firmware which is seen to be the original 1.1.11. What then 1.1.12 present in my model? Rebrandizzazione most likely the product was not made only outside but also inside with a firmware version specially created by Verbatim. Only in this version the support NDAS has not been placed.

Now, as for me, but I believe that you, too, support for the NDAS is essential, as we see it back by resetting the product "Origins" by entering the "old" original firmware.

Add support NDAS to MediaStation Pro from Verbatim

To do this we download firmware 1.1.11 from the site of Al Tech and piazziamolo on a USB stick formatted VFAT / NTFS. Then enter the key on one of the two doors of MediaStation. To see the stick I had to power cycle the equipment. Having identified the key entriamoci and posizioniamoci with the cursor on the file update


and start the update by pressing the OK button on the remote.

Once complete, restart the MediaStation it magically becomes the Mediagate.


This is where finally, in setup, the voice DNAS so you can activate.


Note also the green skin of the original version as opposed to the blue skin of the branded. Which you prefer? I do this here .

Then just download the NDAS support for Windows XP / Vista on your PC and everything is finished? Unfortunately it is not so why put a hand to c''è again Verbatin branding.

To mount the remote device via NDAS is because you need to know two unique parameters of the device, its ID and the so-called "Write Key". In manual Mediagate c''è wrote that these values are found on a label located underneath the device. And in the branded version from Verbatim? No trace of this fucking label.

How do? There is help NDASSCAN, a software developed by a guy who is my greatest admiration, that in using the driver tries Ximeta NDAS devices on the network by removing the two pieces of information we need.

But still a bit of trouble before reaching the end of this ordeal. The library needs NDASSCAN winpcap, and was hardly a problem, but was developed for the version 3.11 drivers Ximeta currently available in version 3.40 so incompatible. Furthermore NDDASCAN search the library in C: \ Program Files \ NDAS \ System as we know that in Italian systems drivers will be installed in the C: \ Program Files \ NDAS \ ...

We thus see how to get out of this collapse.

Download and install the NDAS driver version 3.11 (icio60, in a comment, I noted that the 3.11 is no longer available on the Ximeta. So you can find this version here.). At the end of the installation we create the folder C: \ Program Files and copiamoci the whole folder C: \ Program Files \ NDAS \.

We download NDASSCAN directly and let us save it in c: \ Program Files \ NDAS \ System.



save the data and the ID wirt key, delete the folder C: \ Program Files created and uninstall the old drivers Ximeta.

Then, install the updated drivers. Appear in the system tray icon NAS Device Management, right click and "Register New Device". We complete all required fields and the result will eventually be a new disc on computer resources.



What to say? Verbatim that if he had done his ca ** would be a good product and still is as long as you follow the guide above, otherwise it remains the usual external USB device to be moved from time to time we watch a movie on TV.

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97 Responses to "Verbatim MediaStation Pro, review problems and solutions"

  • Maximilian writes

    Hello everyone. I performed the procedure on two different PCs, one with a view, the other with xp. In both cases everything is ok, EXCEPT 'when I enter the NDAS ID and WRITE Key, the software looks for and finds the device, but it returns this message: "There is no mountable NDAS device at this time."
    In fact, the menu of the device, are the entries "deregister" and "properties", but not to mount the hd. Someone has ideas of why '? Obviously I have tried both via wireless LAN, and the option of NDAS MediaStation and 'on. Help!

  • Alessandra writes

    Ahhhhhhh Blessed are you who have these problems .... ... I just purchased a MediaStation 500GB NDAS USB / LAN / Wi-Fi media player'm happy for the whole set and surprise surprise .... The remote is dead kaput nisba. Verbatim phone and it will take 15 working days to change it. ... I have no words!

  • Ficarra Sebastian writes:

    Hello, I bought myself the MediaStation Pro Wireless, the basic functions: network (wireless), reading common file (. Avi,. Mp3 etc ...) seem fine. I tried to see some movies on the network and it seems ok. I note, however, 'problems in reading the files type:. Iso and. Ifo (DVD). The first does not read local disk dl, while remote from jerky but, for the second hand black screen with no response (from the local disk). Product and 'declared compatible to read this type of files.
    Any suggestions ..?

  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    I do not know if it comes to this but my MediaStation the time of purchase, was formatted in FAT32 and then does not allow for files larger than 2Gbyte and if you try to make those files are still truncated to this value is so corrupt.
    If you then try to add and view files. Iso and. Ifo of DVDs that are usually larger than 4Gbyte and even inside your MediaStation the HD is formatted FAT32 then it is normal that you can not see them because they are being truncated to 2Gbyte corrupt and therefore unreadable.
    To resolve the MediaStation must format the disk using NTFS as the file system. Eye that if you've already put stuff in MediaStation first save it somewhere else because the formatting will erase the entire contents of the disc.

  • Maximilian writes

    Sebastian, wishing simply unzip the file. Iso in the classic AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders, so the files will always be 1048.
    But ... ranting, Emiliano, no suggestions for the fact that I mentioned a few days ago? Because despite seeing the NDAS device, it allows me to mount, and in fact I do not see in My Computer drive letter?

  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    A first question, certainly a bullshit But better to be safe :-D . It is not by chance that the disc inside is not formatted. I mean, if you mount it via USB, can you see?

  • Maximilian writes

    Appropriately, we start with the basics!
    The disk is formatted, I have in many files, and via USB everything goes perfectly. I assume that I am not a neophyte :-D
    The strange thing is that if I turn off the HD, the device icon in the menu is black, but if the light it is white.
    Also see the device in the properties because he sees the mac address, and also the status is online.
    But the menu, damn, has only two entries: "deregister" and "properties"
    What rabbiaaaa!

  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    Then, in words is difficult to understand. We see the differences with the images.
    First version of the program that I have @ N00/3091049762 /
    yours is the same? Here's what I see then is off when the MediaStation @ N00/3090209649 /
    is what I see when it is switched @ N00/3091049892 /
    Note that differences from what you see?

  • Maximilian writes

    Meanwhile, thanks for the help.
    First image: the version is almost identical, I have the 3.40.1604.12136, nothing changes.
    Second image (MediaStation off): exactly the same
    Third image (MediaStation lit): the handle was black becomes white (like you). Pero ', and here comes the problem, the menu items that appear are only "deregister" and "properties". Are neither the "Mount (Read-only)" that the "Mount (Read / Write). And 'that's the problem, as I said! Why, despite seeing him on-line, does not allow me to mount? Please note that already during installation, as mentioned in previous messages, telling me that "there is no mountable NDAS device at this time." I do not know where to turn.

  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    Dunno, could be an attempt to uninstall and reinstall the application, but probably you have already done.
    Try to install it on another PC on the network and see what happens?

  • Maximilian writes

    Oh, yeah. We list the tests that I made without success, and that took me almost at the threshold of resignation
    1) disinstalato and reinstalled the software, including various versions
    2) Run the tests on 3 different PCs, both with XP or Vista
    3) Format of one PC and installed the software to PC "virgin"
    The only thing I could have groped you format the MediaStation but I have to save all the data, and then .... It may be due to the FAT partition and not NTFS? I am not so 'sure ...
    the fact remains that, even during the final installation of the new NDAS software, the final message is:
    "You have succesfully registered and the NDAS device is connected. However, there is no mountable NDAS device found at this time. Please check the status from the task bar icon menu
    The question is just that! Because it connects but recognizes it as "no mountable"?? If you have ideas, I'd be grateful.

  • Maximilian writes

    Do you think that directly connect the notebook to MediaStation with a cross cable may have results?

  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    I either. Mine has the default partition to FAT32.
    No, I no longer think that evidence.

  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    I think not. I have it attached via a switch with other stuff in between.

  • Maximilian writes

    What can I say .... Thank you anyway, sooner or later I will understand what is due, and write.

  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    Absolutely. If resolved are curious to know what the problem was.

  • Link writes

    Good morning Mr. Brown, I ask you a kindness, like fixing the factor jerky video? Kindly help me because I have a little bit of DivX HD and someone goes sometimes ... ... .. Verbatin MediaStation Pro Purchased 1 October 2008. The Ringrazzzzzio advance.

  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    So far I have never seen a movie jerky. If you can send me a link (via private e-mail) of a film that you see shots I try to download it (for testing) and do the test.
    As you can see, already above, in the comments, this thing was out of film shooting and yet the film to which reference was made I have seen no problem

  • Maximilian writes

    Strange to say, but I happened to be a friend, and the cause was a bad HDMI cable.

  • Dennis writes:

    Hello Emiliano,
    I have a Medistation Pro, 500 GB (199 euros, Ipercoop).
    I'd like to know if there is a way to read MKV files. Other mediaplayer support this "container" and wanted to know if there is hope for the Verbatin.
    Thank you very much!

  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    Dunno, I have not tried it but does not seem to be supported. If you do not see them probably is not supported and therefore can not work now or ever unless, in future firmware updates, decides to add such support. But no one knows at present.
    If so, (and I intend to do the test at home with a mkv), the only way you have to see those movies with the MediaStation is to convert them to other formats.

  • Alessandro Mori writes:

    Useful guide, are days that go crazy trying to see the disk from the net ... ... Thank you!

  • Dennis writes:

    Thank you, you know that is not a supported format. In reality, often within the mkv video file is encoded in h264 and MediaStation Pro does not support this codec. I read here and there that, even with firmware upgrades, the chip would not be able to support decoding.
    However, taking advantage of your kindness, you wonder if you know (or if anyone knows) a good software to convert.

  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    Glad to essert been helpful. :-D

  • Luke writes:

    I solved the "process" the DivX files with Avidemux (I am a Linux user).
    Many have DivX compressed data packet, so the video is jerky. Once you remove this type of compression the whole is fluid.
    If you are looking for example. google packed bitstream will see that there are lots of posts.

  • Zacchi Franco writes:

    Hello everyone, I also like Luke the MediaStation alias MG-35S. In particular, I noticed that while the manual verbatim, no reference to the files. ISO, seems MG35S support them. Honestly I have not done any testing, I've got a few days. Someone has already tried?
    I asked Luke if he tried to use the firmware MEDIAGATE and how it goes. thanks

  • William writes:

    Know if, for Verbatim Medistation AL Tech Mediagate or whatever you want, maybe someone is developing alternative firmware to load a Linux system?

  • William writes:

    x Maximilian, attention too ... I've got slammed by default is disabled on the NDAS MediaStation, go to the configuration of the network and activate it! I hope it is just that, or so I solved my problem ... rather if you formatted in NTFS, the MediaStation has no problem reading from this file system?

  • Zacchi Franco writes:

    I answer myself :)
    Once reformatted to NTFS, also MediaStation "non pro" calmly reading the file. Iso Hurray!

  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    Excellent news. I was one of those who had not noticed the FAT32 and I had already put stuff in MediaStation but now I tried this week, to copy everything to another HD and reformat to NTFS, but everything I had some doubts.
    Now I have them removed.

  • Maximilian writes

    Thanks William but .... Is turned all right. The only and final obstacle could be the fact that they are all connected Hugo Fastweb, do not know what kind of management they face. Just put his hand on a normal router do the test. :-)

  • William writes:

    Maximilian, you have personal firewall software such as mica activated? or perhaps that of XP / Vista? you tried to disable them? sometimes even have antivirus firewall features ... try a little ...
    Hello and good luck

  • Seven writes

    I am speechless I paid 239.00 euros in the shop first thing I noticed that I could not get it to work without connecting to the computer. 2 l.ho tried and I think that works. 3 within the Internet and read. after I read everything including the comments I wondered turns you turn. I got a big Mison inc ... and I bought a bitch .... comunq hope not in both cases. will be 'very good or not?

  • miki writes:

    Merry Christmas and hello to everyone.
    I have a MediaStation I had configured and working with NDAS. Since yesterday evening following a block in view of a photograph (using film and watching photos on TV but disconnected from the network) I had to turn off the power. Now I can only access the hard drive via USB cable, read the data and see the content (on PC) but I can not connect to the TV (so no setup) and even over the network because the box is switched on the LED (blue) power flashing the Power LED (red) flashes and the LED blinks hd. I have the feeling that you have damaged some part of SW that controls the output to the tv device, but I have no idea how to restore it or where to find it ... ... Can someone help me before I throw it out the window under a truck? (I doubt you have made a very good buy, now I'm sure). Thanks to those who want to help me.

  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    The first thing I'd suggest is to try to MediaStation thrown back into the firmware, branded or the original.

  • Danilo writes

    It happened to me too.
    If you have the USB cable connected to the PC. Staccalo, shut it and riavvilo wireless USB at this point should boot properly! :)

  • Marco writes

    Hello Guys, I just bought a 500 Gb MediaStation and saw that is formatted in FAT32, but I have the need for the HD to NTFS to copy files larger than 4 GB, not to cause damage, I ask you first surely you have already done some formatting to NTFS, we come to the point, if you format the HD, the risk of losing the preinstalled software to use the MediaStation with the TV? software that once connected the MediaStation on TV, allows you to setup and navigate between various menus, and then access the various folders to view movies, pictures, etc ... to understand, or can I safely format without the risk of losing this software? if someone is kind enough to give me a clear answer various questions, thanks and Happy New Year

  • Maurizio writes

    hello mark also now I have noticed the same problem if formatted FAT to NTFS always work functions that had previously resolved the media if you answer me thanks maurizio

  • Maurizio writes

    Mark I do know how you solved your problem because I have the same maurizio

  • velner writes:

    two months ago, just bought, I formatted to NTFS, do not lose anything and everything runs smoothly, so you can transfer an entire DVD with no prob. If you have already loaded a lot of stuff might be a little more lengthy and risky procedure.

  • icio60 writes:

    Hello Captain
    no longer able to download the NDAS driver ver. 3.11.
    Ximeta on the site are available only up to date versions (3.40, 3.41).
    PS: For the moment, I arranged with FileZilla but is a pain because you constantly repeats the message:
    Response: 530 Server is busy, sorry.
    Error: Catastrophic failure
    Error: Can not connect to server
    Only after several attempts and I can transfer (wireless) a file at a time.
    Assistance Verbatim groping in total darkness.

  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    Thanks for reporting. I updated the article with a link to version 3.11 works.

  • Marco writes

    Thanks Velner information, then I can easily formatted to NTFS, and copy movie DVDs and watch them on TV also keeping quiet to use the features like HD and Multimedia Station with the various menu options to search and view files?
    Thanks again

  • velner writes:

    Vai quiet, the hassles from alone with various network settings that are not the brightest, as opposed to as if it sells Verbatim. I use it in FTP NDAS.Comunque others are quite happy with the object, for the moment is almost what I ask, expecting a new firmware.

  • Valt writes:

    I read with pleasure driving, which, besides being well made is also supported by good reviews.
    I got the Verbatim MediaStation (no WI-FI), I have already uploaded a lot of trinkets via USB and discover that you have checked the formatting, if it was in FAT32 or NTFS ... patience, if necessary reformats the disk and reload the film.
    But now I'm brainless with FTP connection.
    I installed its software NDAS, put the appropriate key, the Save As default but if you see the properties of the device can not find any HD installed (which is the fault of the formatting? not think!) in risorese the computer can not find any new device.
    I also tried Filezilla (which already use to manage a sitoweb) but I do not know what parameters to use for login (I tried those Altech but not good)
    NDAS parameter is ON, the IP is static, and responds to ping, in short, I forgot something?
    by Valter

  • Giancarlo Bonato writes:

    Hello and best wishes for the New Year!
    I have a problem
    I had the unfortunate idea of buying a MediaStation pro, just the last year. Oh well now it is gone.
    I had the same problems posted on the blog.
    I have faithfully followed the instructions until you update the firmware again and all ok.
    The problem occurred in the next step: I downloaded the software and libraries following the step by step instructions, I was charged NDAS. God dos prompt launch ndasscan but the application, after all the routine, I wrote the following string: "Listen period expired"
    "No NDAS HELO packets received"
    and with this I can not see the NPE NDAS device ID, nor even the write key.
    Can you help? Where did I go wrong?
    A warm greeting

/ me runs