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iPhone Tech Talk, I'll be there

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The wait was long and painful and now, as no news came, I saw I was doomed but just tonight, at 18.33 I got the news that my registration iPhone Tech Talk in Rome in November 19 had been confirmed and so I was admitted to this very important event.

For those who do not know, 's iPhone Tech Talk is a touring event that Apple is organized in over twenty cities around the world to reach the largest possible number of developers to present them the iPhone SDK and, more generally, how with which to develop applications under iPhone.

The fear was so because the posts are really going to steal, just look on the official site to find the Full house anywhere except in Delhi and when you please, I had no plan to go n India in the near future.

I will allow connectivity of Twitter as much as possible, hoping that no one, Apple is aware of my iPhone jailbreaked

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