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iPhone Tech Talk in Rome, impressions and feelings

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Yesterday was held in Rome, the Italian session 's iPhone Tech Talk, an event designed to train developers of iPhone on the correct way to program on this device.

When it comes to talking about Apple must always be careful, it is a duty premise. In this post I will not speak of the topics and tips covered during the event also and especially because the second slide of the presentation of the event stated explicitly

  • No blogging
  • No twitter
  • No photos
  • No ... ..

It 'always nice that Apple does not it? So much so that I found myself thinking: the notions that assimilate during this event will remain in my memory banks, or will be deleted automatically after 30 seconds of the end of the event?

Also because we were early and we were left with the wrong foot.

We in fact a step backwards. The event in Rome. So far we are. But Rome is great. Where in Rome? University La Sapienza, Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5. And what is this number? I told you! University La Sapienza ... ... tuttti!!

I would expect a further e-mail with the exact location I do not know, Department of Mechanical Avunculogratulazione, Hall C, room 69 or, as he was in reality, simply specify in the Great Hall of the University. But nothing.

Oh well, I said, you'll see that at the La Sapienza see a huge balloon shaped Mela White circling above the building or the many hostesses (uber cool), disguised as iPhone, which ferried the souls of us programmers towards the magic place.

But nothing. Not even a poster indicating that the postofosse right. Fortunately I Normando who made them the university and then we headed towards the only possible alternative. Had it not been the main hall of the University, we would not have heard of what to do. And we were so demoralized that arrived at the entrance, having regard to the fence and the workers who cleaned the floor in front of the entrance, Norma was given for winning.

Luckily I said, let's go anyway and see if there's something. We climb the stairs and luckily spotted people in line. But again, no poster or poster Apple. Even the wall is a poster of a "fifth training seminar for fuffologia applied.

From what we recognize that we are in the right place. In the confirmation email was written that it was obligatory to print and carry the same mail and a document of identity. We recognize that we are in the right place because many of those in line were just a printed sheet and an identity document in hand.

But I say, this is the way to handle the arrival at the location??? Apple is not so! Rating 0.

But we go forward, because now begins a very personal part of the ordeal that to be fully understood, provides a little example. I said that was specified in the mail that they must present a valid ID to avoid, I suppose, that occur with a recording made by Gaius Titius.

Now, the problem is that when I and Norma, in time, we made the account at Apple, we were Emiliano Bruni and Norma Marcolongo.


When, as Micso Srl, we entered into the iPhone Developer Program is successful because I became patatrack Emiliano Srl and colleague became Normando Srl

Moreover, to complicate the matter, the confirmation email both me and my colleague had the name "Micso Srl.

Well then you will understand the mental chaos of what might happen when the "check-in" event especially once we realized that there were different files for different surnames. If it has generally been seamlessly slipped into the row "M" I, "ingenualmente" I stuck in row "B". What do you think happened? Surely there is as Bruni among registered event. At the Titian at check-in to me: "Look at the face line to the letter M, then possibly, if there is not even registered, ask to Alexander."

Yes ... .. "Alessandrooooooo.

However, in the disaster we were lucky in the sense that through the intercession of Alexander the problem and we jumped the queue and we got the much coveted blue collar to be attached to wrist for admission to the event. Rating 4.

Now one thinks, "blue collar, it will be something via RFID or magnetic strip." So now we are faced with an access that you unlock only through this band or not. The entrance to the room was free. Oh well, seeing as there are gadgets you do not see, maybe the band is the only thing that we can bring home

The hall is at least as you see, really very nice


even though it was a bit 'species to be in Italy, have a speaker to hear him speak in Italian and English. Well, the excuse was that there were people in the room who spoke only English, but I think there were only the "immediate superior" too early because otherwise he would ask: "Is there some who speaks only English?

He asked, in fact, before the last talk, one on deploying applications from the Apple Store. The nice thing is that he asked in Italian . When he saw that no one answered, he realized the blunder.

However I must say that English was the rapporteur's really understandable that you had mastered the English language fluently, it will be because, according to Norma, spoke no English but American, but I understand almost everything he said and in some places I also stop to think whether what I had heard he had assimilated into English or Italian. Voto 8

Where this event takes 10 rating and catering. Was from time immemorial that did not eat so much good for an event. Coffee breaks with pastries fantastic amount to galore, tea, coffee, barley excellent, good juice. Lunch equally worthy of the highest grade.


In addition, as recommended also to ICT security, displacement of the table in a circle, with the waiters at the center, allowing easy access to all resources available because the people were naturally predisposed to rotate around the circle of groceries thus avoiding congestion.

In addition, for the most listless, some small tables placed in the margins of the room were still Supply with some of these delicacies thus allowing quick access even outside the "central server".

Instead, what is difficult to digest is the near absence of gadgets. Almost because, in reality a gadget has been given. Before lunch the guys that Apple announced, delivering 'useless wrist strap would be a free T-shirt event. What gadgets are important is demonstrated by the fact that the entire hall and slingshots to take the shirt to grab the statistically most used sizes. It was useless. The shirt, I think an L or perhaps even a monotaglia M was therefore unsuited to most people, certainly not suited to me or to my colleague. Rating 1.

In short a beautiful event, the content interesting, by the excellent catering with some basic things that were improved.

The period of crisis, I think, now pervades the whole world and has implications in these events.

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