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I can understand that for some sites, it is difficult to handle certain volumes of traffic.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter, for example, subjected to thousands of web requests per second should have an infrastructure behind the ball and always be attentive to the growing traffic.

From this point of view it is only normal as can happen that sometimes a web request is not satisfied and we see respond from this site, with an error message that just because an unusual spike in traffic. Usually, in fact, just a simple Reload the page to return everything to normal.

But a regular surfing for a whole morning without problems on a site which, incidentally, in my opinion not really have many reasons to be loaded and that all morning is annoyed by this message seems to at least strange.

Due to heavy traffic may need more time to display the web page. Please try again in 6 hours.

Between 6 hours?? And what happens between 6 hours? Buy new servers? Buy new band? And if you say between 6 hours to try again in 6 hours?

All this, I repeat, together with the fact that I surfed all morning on this website without any problems whatsoever, apart from the continued presence of this troublesome writing.

OK, let's unravel the mystery. The site is under attack ... .. drum roll ... .. Microsoft


Eventually, exasperated by this message I decided to take a screenshot and a blog post. I knew then if this was the official site or the service pack, even under heavy load, but one dedicated to "partner program" is just weird. And anyway ... and everything worked fine.

If anyone knows what happens between 6 hours, let me know.

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