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We know that lately are very sensitive to the topic video surveillance. That's why an article about "The Center" on this issue could not go unnoticed.

That's when my eye falls on the picture hat Article


Wow, a camera attached to a little thing with the duck antenna and another thing that seems, to all intents and purposes, another antennona. Truly a sophisticated video surveillance.

But wait a minute. That little thing with the two duck antenna seems to know him. But yes. It 'a Colubris CN3200, a prodottino we used too, a little' time ago, to manage our HotSpot duck antenna and a patch also seems to 2.4Ghz to expand a bit 'hotspot coverage.

Hey, but to me this place seems to have seen him somewhere .... Where? At the airport of Abruzzo?? But that story. Those are our equipment where, for those, I mean the CN3200 and the antenna patch.

And the camera? Oh, that was even before we mounted the other stuff.

Ultimately, what might seem like a high-tech surveillance equipment, is actually a picture of two completely different things and have no point of contact.

Oh, and you want to know the cigliegina on the cake? Our devices are no longer even in that position but were moved to another location over a year ago and are no longer even the same. Probably the CN3200 in that picture is, at this moment, in a box in the "back burner" of our stock.

So not only the photo is misleading but it is surely more than a year old.

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2 Responses to "technological system of video surveillance. But is it really true? "

  • Daniel Malandra writes:

    mah ... I was at that conference and that image .. .. boh .. there was the shadow tral'altro .. .. we have spoken primarily of actions by the security of the city and then on video surveillance. ... ah .. these journalists ..


  • Emiliano Bruni writes:

    Yes, yes. It was obvious that the conference had nothing to do with anything. And 'the journalist who has tried, in its archive, an image associated with the article and chose to be the most wrong :-D


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