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Abruzzi Blog Award 2008, the day of the ceremony

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Maybe some of you will be amazed that after asking all my readers for the contest votarmi Abruzzo Blog Award 2008 and was mainly spent on the year end, I had not sent notice of the results obtained and especially on the fact have reached the satisfactory position of third place.

I had not done for a simple reason. That on the sidelines of the competition we had been complaints about the management of it and then before making any comment I wanted to have the opportunity to talk directly with whoever was behind the competition and understand why things had not gone all the right way.

Now, after having talked, discussed and compared myself with the organization are much more comfortable because, as voices from the pack, I and my friend Paul Gatti other side we have found people willing to listen, to admit his mistakes and their gaps in computer skills but especially people who are not afraid to say "ok, next year let everyone around a table and tell us how you think this speech should be maintained."

This is of course commendable, a sign of seriousness, and then I consider that the problems this year can be safely dismissed as "sins" of youth and as a springboard for a steady growth of this initiative that will certainly make bold and interesting way to give the bear fruit in future years.

With this premise, which I repeat, dispels any possible doubts about the management of this year, let's step back and, for the record and also to remind future, we see, in short order, what went right and what went wrong at least from the perspective of the undersigned.


The initiative in its basic idea. First, because the unique, I think maybe even the national scene is important because it finally allows us little blog spaces have been known and recognized even by those who understand little of the INTERNET, mainly thanks to the marriage with a paper and news organization added all very well 'inside of an event which would sponsor the flavors and culture of Abruzzo.


The organization of the award from the choice of location, the museum of the people of Abruzzo, which further strengthens the attempt to combine the modern antiquity.

status_check.gif premio_aba.jpg

The awards, really very beautiful and moreover custom. What you see on the right is the prize awarded to this blog and the others were similar and very special, if only for the creation in Murano glass.


The opportunity that was given to us by the event to meet other bloggers Abruzzi. Personally, for example, I met and entertained a friendly conversation, before phone then in person with Paul Garrisi, who won the first prize, thanks to this interview, for example, two of his friends have learned that their town, not reached by DSL was instead achieved by WADSL.


The opportunity to know Mrs. Salvatore Gioia, director of the news broadcaster's antenna 10 that I had seen up close during the current and last edition of the ICT Security but I never had the chance to talk . Through this occasion, I understood why it is one of the most famous of the local television landscape, the simplicity with which they communicate and knows how to put at ease the person who is ahead.


And now we come to the notes painful. The first ever was the arrangements for managing the online vote. Personally I would not have made the choice to handle it with a standard form of a CMS that is absolutely not designed for this type of vote. The fact, for example, that the form does not allow more than 12 choices and then forced to divide the blog into two modules, which created a bit 'of concern, because, for those not familiar with the work, it seemed as if they were two distinct categories of votes and not the same vote. For example, many have written me to say: "Look, six seconds," and I have to explain that the other list was another of my blogs with the most votes.


Still relating to the voting rules, the biggest mistake for me was the choice of allowing the same account, to vote once a day. This mode does not favor a choice based on a quality product but it serves only those who have "friends" who devoted themselves day after day, remember to vote. If you must handle it with the online voting should be given the opportunity to
give a vote to account and then nothing.


Although I was privileged from the thing, it was not corrected the blog post to contest started. Initial screening had to be done first and then, once defined the blogs selected for the competition was started with the vote. If new blog wanted to join the competition started, they are admitted to the competition the following year


The unfortunate choice of the verification system of e-mail. In practice was sent a mail with a return receipt to accept. The problem was that this thing was not specified anywhere, and someone like me to "cancel" on by default to return receipts came to know only in retrospect that instead to access the vote was necessary to send the receipt and now At that point, it was impossible to turn back. And then, the reader, like some of my friends, mail only via webmail that does not handle the receipt?


Something did not work anyway. For example, I made all my colleagues in Micso. The first day they voted all, the second 60% of accounts were blocked and there was no way to unlock them. Same thing for my wife's cousin and another friend. Isolated cases?


This time a negative note but about participation. If I could imagine a low turnout of the public "normal" I was rather esterefatto even by non-presence of bloggers who attended the event and addirittuta of many awards that have not come. This to me is unacceptable and unjustifiable. If some have decided to defect to the problems mentioned above, well they went wrong. Even some of us, as evidenced by these pages, they had some things to clarify and the best way has been presented to face the organizers to present their constructive criticism and see their reaction was ...


... What was expected of intelligent people and couples who are faced with constructive criticism and take with civilization critically ie an attitude of total openness with the aim to improve and open a constructive dialogue with those of us who are more familiar to Internet technologies with the goal, next year, to have an event of wider, higher visibility, which inevitably makes more errors but does not repeat those this year.

I have dwelt too much and tomorrow I have to be in Rome for the current iPhone. Then close with two meaningful pictures, one of the undersigned while holding down


and the one with the overview of all prizes


from left to right, Mark De Rosa Animah, the undersigned, Maxime Thought Excess, The curiosona, Sara Taricani, Paul Gatti, Paul Garrisi, Luca Rosati of Vasto Blogolandia

Oh, I forgot .... Thanks to you all that I have voted, that prize is yours.

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