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Tests of wind and solar.

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When the wireless bride clean energy

Having to install a plant for our network at a common WADSL the Teramo arose a big problem. The point chosen for the positioning of the system was devoid of electricity and a connection at that point, by ENEL was very expensive.

We then tried a workaround and after a little 'work and calculations on the load of the equipment we come to consider a solution supported by solar wind.

Finally, after several months elapsed between the retrieval of the material and the construction of the hardware needed to govern the whole, this morning we were able to make the first real test of wiring installation company here in particular to realize the actual functionality of the equipment and necessary material before going to physically install the equipment at the site final.

This below is the photo of the test carried


I must say that everything went pretty well, the solar when the sun is out, as this morning, a bomb and recharge the batteries great. Pity about the lack of wind did not allow us to understand the exact "power" of the blade wind. The important thing is that the operation has been tested by turning for a while 'by hand by myself.

Just go to achieve the final installation will see you post something.

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