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Last night I came across PAPERSHOW, one of those products or revolutionize the market or they will fall hopelessly into oblivion.


In short they give you a USB stick, a pen (in the sense of a pen to write) that connects with the Bluetooth dongle, software and A4 paper to write "special" so anything you write on paper, that appears on video .

Nice product, but the best thing to know what? The fantastic and hilarious video that explains that there is a better way to attract, involve and entertain people in a demo, talk show or whatever you want.

The videos produced are very well done and there will certainly die of laughter, moreover, are subtitled in Italian and then you have not even the excuse of the language.

Here are the 6 episodes currently produced:

The first video we might call 'Bau Bau

The No. 2 entitled: Any questions?

The No.3: How to stimulate a brainstorming

No 4: A Clockwork Orange

The 5: Video message

What, you deserve to buy a kit, only to have produced these pearls of humor.

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