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Wind turbine installation performed

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As promised today Micso has installed its first wind turbine. Were present at the event, as MicsoMan, the undersigned's Don Giovanni and Simon Le Bon.

It begins immediately with the installation of the antenna, but this situation is immediately incandescende because of fisher that do not fit in the holes.

Mounting plate for mounting pole

Luckily in the end the good hammer has the last word on everything. But it is time to eat and what better way to refresh the throat of the good installer, a nice cold coca cola


In the afternoon the group from under us and in less than three hours you install, radio, solar, wind turbine, cabinet and control unit. It also has the satisfaction of turning the blade through 10 minutes of a light westerly breeze (or was it east?? Boh).

Wireless and wind, coupled winning

Satisfied returns home. Another mission for MicsoMen is accomplished.

If you're curious to see other photos of the installation, the entire photo service is available on Flickr.

www. flick r. com

Below the reportage of my Twitter direct.

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2 Responses to "Installing wind turbine run"

  • And when you put the panels, the ones that make you well. Or maybe you got already ...:)


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    If you see other photos, at the end of the article, you'll see that the solar panels are already there. Two to be exact. Hello.


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