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Information Technology Security Day 2008, I (maybe) there.

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Today in Lanciano is an important event for the computer center and not just Italy: Information Technology Security Day, a day of lectures and practical tests all safety-oriented computing and data.

The morning session includes a number of very important leaders talk of national IT landscape, but where it gets really interesting is in the afternoon.

As we have grown accustomed in previous years, the afternoon focused on practical tests of actual attacks of various kinds and, usually, the presentation is always very realistic with the experts who are also skilled improvising actors to play the part of the manager with a Bluetooth phones with bug that allows a cracker to get his network password and the network administrator at the "savior of the fatherland."

Also this time you can follow the event on my twitter, directly from this page

All this, as the title hints, if you allow me to enter the halls where we play. This is because it is a closed number upon registration. I have just arrived almost at once the mail that warned of this new edition of the event but I had the "brilliant" idea of recording on the iPhone so I could print the confirmation sheet. E 'is true that a few days later I tried to register again for security and the system warned me that a request to record with my data was already in the system but, to date, still no message confirmation of registration is never come to me.

I am comforted, even if little, to know that others who have made recordings "more standard" has not arrived yet no confirmation. Perhaps the confirmation arrives ... .. for safety reasons

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One Response to "ICT Security Day 2008, I (maybe) there are."

  • Hugh Zamotti writes:

    I agree with the comments made above only intervention really remarkable, in my opinion, was the first lab what they did Arruzzoli Orlandi and I was really impressed and amused by how they conducted the performance .. shame that they have interrupted the final ! Mah.


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