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I do not speak French

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The MICS, as well as work in Italy, also has some small businesses across the Alps. Among other things, has doubled in France, the service free dialup access for those without ADSL.

The site north of the Alps is obviously all in French but now an English gentleman writes to our helpdesk an email to inform you of the following:

I have a client who has a place in France. Where He Is Apparently here is no broadband so i need to set up a pay as you go dialup. All i need is the phone number and a username and password to Set it up here in the UK When he know it Takes to France he can connect.

Translate briefly:

I have a user must go to France in a place not covered by broadband so i need to configure an access modem. So I need the data to be set here in Britain so that when he goes to France can connect.

Unfortunately there is a problem:

I Have tried 4 time to set up an account on your website But It Keeps Saying:
Error: Character not valid
Not valid characters in the username field
As i do not speak French i do not know what it means.


I tried 4 times to register on your site but I get the following error message:
Error: Character not valid
Not valid characters in the username field
and since not speak any French, I do not understand what it means.

I actually tried too, using google translate to translate the error message above from French to English and actually even Google has managed to translate the error message.

That the answer? I even speak French

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