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Two applications that can not miss on your iPhone

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Finally, two very useful applications that can not miss on your iPhone (jailbreak-ato).

The first application allows you to have the call button, the mail reader, the text messages and appointments in one screen to unlock the iPhone, allowing you to retrieve these applications at any time, without having to unlock the iPhone.

This below is the screen lock on my iPhone


which, as you can see it now, on display, the buttons of the applications mentioned above, above the slider to unlock immediately accessible. Comfort unique to start immediately an emergency phone call.

The second application is what they are asking for some time all holders of the iPhone or the option of turning on or off in one go 3G, Bluetooth and wireless, without going into various submenus.

Furthermore, it is really brilliant the way that you access this tool. At any time, in any application, including during the block mode of the iPhone just swipe your finger from left to right on the status bar to have, like in the picture below


buttons to perform operations immediately turning on or off of the above mentioned services. It is also possible, as one glimpses into the picture, run a Respring or power off the iPhone, see various settings or hide the icons on the springboard.

So, think you can live again these applications? If the answer is no, then you can download, via Cynda, applications are called, in order, LockDockBar available in the repository and ModMyi SBSettings available in the repository BigBoss

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One Response to "Two applications that can not miss on your iPhone"

  • Daniel Malandra writes:

    Emi Hello, very useful software especially the two SBsetting .. of course I immediately installed :-)
    I suggest a little program very tasty, if you do not already know, which is called ILocalis, is in the repository under ModMyi cidya utilities. In my opinion .. it can be used for many applications :-)


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