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Hot comments on Information Technology Security Day 2008

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Some Hot comments, impressions, good things and small flaws that I found on the event in addition to my personal comments on the talk that I attended.

First, do not be get carried away by the fact that under the "alert" are larger than the number of "green dots". The event went very well in the final. It should be given only in saying that "everything went well," the implication is that maybe a thousand things went well and if they then set out, for example, four things have gone badly, the relationship malus / bonus must be seen as 4 / 1000 and 4 / 1.

In addition, but this should be obvious, the criticisms mentioned below are not critical to the organizers, but a reason to encourage them to improve the event as a whole gets a good eight full.

Begin with the location and organization.

status_check.gif The location, the same as in previous years is excellent, large conference room, Frau comfortable armchairs, excellent acoustics and comfortable position to reach the highway. A little 'discomfort in the parking lot, made worse by the rain that now raging in the Lancia and the fact that parking in front of the bank that housed the event had been reserved to the authorities.



Lack of a coffee break in the morning and afternoon sessions. It 'hard to stay focused from 9 to 13 and in fact, over the last two talk in the morning the hall was passed by a Full house at 2 / 3 empty places and who, providentially, he took a croissant from home, had the whole' envy of those around him

status_alert.gif A questionnaire to be distributed to spectators and recoverable at the end of the day to get impressions on the event and what the viewers who liked and what is not is a sign of attention to the users of those events and a way to understand what is ok, what be corrected and what goes out.

status_alert.gif You arrive in the morning at the reception, you say your name in the list of members, deliver the package of reservations via the web and you hear people say: "Ok, you can go, hello". Not good, at least one targettina with the name, a strap, two sheets of paper, a pen, a sheet with the day program, something that makes you recognize the event as a participant in short you do, but something was left.

status_alert.gif Connectivity! I've been to Pisa, an event organized by kids for kids and yet they all thanks to the INTERNET WiFi connectivity offered by the university after the submission of names and the delivery of credentials for access. But here in Lanciano, there was only one WiFi network available, and this was compounded by the fact that the event was in a room floor buses and there was no scope of any operator. So more than six hours isolated from the world with people rising above only to be assaulted by SMS notification of calls lost and this, especially for an event form, is personally annoying. + WiFi Captive Portal for everyone.

status_check.gif Last year, during the buffet lunch, because of shortage of raw materials and the throng around the few groceries we were forced to go to lunch at a restaurant in the center of Lanciano. This year I have to say that things went much better. Food excellent, varied and plentiful. Nothing to object if not ...



Logistics buffet. Is known to the convegli we audience we become grasshoppers and put all the food available in a small space because, as amply demonstrated today at an unbelievable crowd, where the main purpose was to grab the last bite rather than enjoy the 'very good buffet. For next year I suggest a table-shaped central square in the center with the waiters and customers that gravitate around the planet food.

Let's now talk the talk I attended

status_check.gif As a good host, opens the dance prof. Antonio Teti, which introduces the issue of security, common thread throughout the conference thanks to the help of news taken from the background of the events of the last period. Some other news was better capture the sign make it a little 'less sensationalist. Also, if you can forgive the vagueness man in the street, you can not forgive Teti, who knows the difference between hackers and crackers, the use of the first in negative terms. Rating: 8


Second talk, this time to be forgotten, by Nicolò Pollari, General Corps. Forget because it is the end an intervention difficult if not impossible to follow with slide chaotic in some places resemble mazes of Pac-Man. The imaginative use of terms such as "you move from moments to moments of physiology, pathology" certainly do not help the overall quality of the intervention will help the fact that it has breached by more than half an hour the expected length of the talk. In the end it was clear that he had realized how he had bored the audience. Rating: 4

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Third action related to a description of the safety net of the defense of a colonel who replaced a Rear Admiral. We then realized that, in reality, not the computer to love the acronyms but the military that we wallow like never before with a report in the slide, an acronym every two words. This, together with the familiarity of these acronyms is not by the general public has made the personal intervention very interesting and understandable. A little 'uncertainty in reading the slide, perhaps due to the replacement of the rapporteur has made the thing, especially at even more complicated. Rating: 5

status_check.gif A partially restore the lost time during the second thinks Marco Strano, not new to these performances as a reminder of his recovery similar to a conference in Rome. Finally, we also someone who, though with marginal notes, explains that there are differences between the use of the term hacker and that often, instead of this term should be used to crackers when understood in the negative. Clear and incisive, he manages to bring a smile to the audience in some situations with witty lines. Rating: 8

status_check.gif Luciano D'Amico, University of Teramo, introduced briefly and without the subject covered in the next slide master at the University of Teramo, the strategic importance of data security. Intervention without praise and without shame. Rating: 6


The last speech of the morning I attended a sales presentation / technical framework of the IBM security I was not satisfied. Useful for those who might use the tools IBM, for myself only apathy. Rating: 5.5

status_check.gif Like last year, although to a lesser extent, the event comes to life in the afternoon with the practical test cracking duo Aruzzoli, Orlando. Also this year an "scenic" good, as good an interpretation of the two provided information on the role of actors. History. A message from the place of China, announces the phantom Axel attempt by an employee to sell trade secrets on quantum cryptography. And 'the CEO of Axel person giving the duo the task of investigating a digital camera of the alleged offender who appears to have been used to transport the stolen data outside the company but now is empty and the installation remotely, on the computer of the suspect, a keylogger developed in house Aruzzoli. I must say that last year the implementation of the attempt to cracking had convinced a little 'more thanks to a more fluid and connected sequence of events. This year, the story seemed a bit 'more uneven and actions separate from each other. But in the end may be, without doubt, reported as the best speech of the day that deserves full marks. Rating: 10.

At this point I had to abandon the event but not before saying goodbye to members who organized this and who deserves the last comment of this article.



The Italian Society of Computer Science and Technology (SISIT), last born (September 2008) in the landscape of computing associations had the baptism of fire with the organization of this massive event. Over 200 participants, many police and soldiers across the Adriatic computer that counts this event, and although my constructive criticism above, everything still takes place in the best possible manner. Large number of new subscriptions over the counter SISIT this event and all the directors and founders who give up and succeed in a lavish sense of seriousness, responsibility and power that is unusual for a new association. Ultimately passed a first test with flying colors by the association, which will surely talk about computing landscape in Italian and that will certainly boost, innovation and confidence of many members. Rating: 10.

[Update of 08 October 2008]


TBR reminds me that I forgot to mention that last year of the certificate was in color on paper "important" this year b / n on ordinary A4 paper. There was also on my "testifying that Emiliano Bruni has spoken" with "as speaker" erased with a pen. Oh well, since sometimes I do talk some too, I thought that at first they wanted self-centered me to do a talk and then thought better c'avessero but then looking around I realized that all those who were holding the certificate had written the same box with the pen

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