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Even LinuxDay 2008 is (finally) over.

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And this year has passed, I mean the LinuxDay. The event, organized in over 120 cities in Italy was spent in Teramo glory in it without pain.

No glory in that, personally the event was a little 'subdued, with only forty participants throughout the day.

Who is not totally was the support of schools. Despite it had been contacted any school presented itself, even with a minimum representation.

No pain, however, because the event was interesting, the talk was interesting and personally I think for others seen the excellent results achieved by all the speakers and the location, at least by looking at the feedback form.

This year the usual location, l 'Istituto Zooprofilattico Abruzzo and Molise "G. Caporale" has made us a welcome surprise, instead of the usual projector, an excellent monitor of those "big" that allowed us to keep the talk visible without obscuring the room and avoiding any unnecessary so the effect sleepiness.

The location (rear)

Excellent, as usual, the coffee breaks offered dall'IZS and lunch of pizza offered by Telug.

Really appreciate the gadgets have been distributed to the participants, especially the comfortable bag that becomes purse.

The gadgets given away to the public

For next year is definitely to improve the relationship with the schools, perhaps by directly contacting, via telephone, some teachers rather than leave it to "spam" email or possibly break the LinuxDay in two stages, one morning in a school and a all'IZS afternoon.

All photos of the event on Flickr

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  • maury writes

    Well, anyway, after all, we only had the school last year. And if I remember correctly we have invited your email tool.
    Maybe the thing to really take into consideration is to move us from them.


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